February 2nd, 2011

Basically this whole outfit is from ARC Value Village, and also my mom found most of it! Today was really sunny, but not really warm.. I had a good day though! I found a penny from 1984, and I talked with a friendly guy in my chicana/latina studies class about Frida Kahlo, and America's Next Top Model! ^-^

beanie - thrifted at ARC Value Village
jar necklace - Mom made it
maroon cardigan - Mom thrifted it at ARC Value Village
tiny tan belt - Mom thrifted it at ARC Value Village
patterned dress - thrifted at ARC Value Village
tights - target
stockings - target
short fringe moccasin booties - Mom thrifted them at ARC Value Village

Johnny cash is amazing so do something good for yourself  and listen to this song:


  1. pretty outfit girl, i love the layers and how the belt accentuates everything and ties it all together :). lovely! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. love the look... especially the cardigan and thanks for the music

  3. What a good eye your mom has for thrifting. I love the colors. Especially against that nice blue sky. Sarah never wears any of the clothes I buy her any more so I think I will stop shopping for her. But I bet your mom could pick out thing she would like, as your mom is very cool.

  4. Shoutout to your mom! Love the deep burgundy cardi with the bright, multi-colored dress! Very cute!! I love ANTM and Frida Kahlo, great convo I bet haha!



  5. Awesome look! I love the pattern in your dress and the way you layered the cardigan over it with the belt... you look so chic and it looks so effortless! :)

    VPV Intern

  6. like how you put the little belt around it. I like putting belts around my outfits aswell:) makes it that much more 'feminine'.