Tomorrow it is my birthday!! I am going to go out to dinner with my friends and on Friday night we are going to go out dancing!! yeaaay!
This is what I wore today.. I found this bag-necklace when I was at home over break.. I got it when I was little but I don't remember where from.. but I really like it.

bag-necklace - I've had it since my childhood
dress - from mom thrifted at ARC Value Village
belt - thrifted at ARC Value Village
lace up loafer looking shoes - Payless

also I have been listening to a lot of Pitbull lately.. he is just so great <3

eep! He is the best!! 
I hope you have a good daaaay!


  1. You have never looked cuter.
    Your mom totally scored with that dress.
    Happy Birthday!!
    P.S. I'm afraid of pitbulls. They bite.

  2. Great outfit - love the cute bag-necklace! Looking forward to see your post about the birthday!!!
    Marusya V

  3. love your outfit with the pop of colour!
    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. I love your style, those shoes are immense. I hope you have a brilliant day, lovely xo

  5. This is such a lovely outfit, that bag necklace is adorable and the little hint of colour is lovely

  6. great dress. the bag necklace is a pretty burst of subtle colour.