deliberate release

It is so nice being home! Today I got my hair cut and I went thrifting with my mom! We spent $120 at ARC Value Village.. Which is crazy because the average cost of an item was probably like.. $7! I will do a post with all the wonderful things I found!
Here is what I wore today.. New things from my mom, she got the dress and jacket a while back at Value Village.. 

jacket - ARC Value Village
dress - ARC Value Village
tights - Target
stockings - Target
boots - Mom thrifted (in the 90's) at my elementary school


  1. the tights and stockings look great together! <3

  2. thank you so much for your lovely comment on lookbook :)
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  3. niceeeeeee:)
    new outfit on mine..kisses

  4. Love the outfit and that jacket is amazing!

  5. coool jacket. the tights and socks really pull it all together. great look

  6. nice outfit!

    peace and love, lena

  7. I like this outfit: simple but so nice!
    I like your blog and your style too.
    I follow you now, hope you can follow me back. visit me if u like it!

  8. Welcome home!!!
    So great to see you at church. The jacket is fantastic. Love the long stockings over the tights. Okay, how cool is it that you have boots that your mom thrifted soooo loooong
    ago? Totally cool. It appears you come from a long line of thrifters. No wonder you are so good at it. Can't wait to see the new stuff!

  9. Adorable outfit and find!! :) And cute blog, too.

  10. Love the jacket!