mouthful of cloves

It snowed soggy wet snow all day.. It has been pretty warm (40 degrees) and now it is freezing again.. but that's Minnesota for ya! I really don't mind it for the most part. 

 maroon cardigan - ARC Value Village
paisley blouse - ARC Value Village ($5.99)
teal skirt - Heartbreaker
grey tights - Target
stockings - Target
lace up boots - thrifted at my elementary school (¢25)

The title for this post is "mouthful of cloves" because for my wisdom teeth operation there is this clove oil for healing, and the taste has been in my mouth all day >.<


  1. Oh so colorful!
    I absolutely love this, and the teal skirt is just perfect with the yellow and red.
    You look so put together. :)

  2. oh wow it looks so cold but nice at the same time ^_^.
    Nice outfit, looks good on you!

  3. So colourful and love your outfit!

    Neat post 7 wanna follow each other =)

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. Following you and hope you follow back!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  5. I hope your teeth are healing well! I hated getting my wisdom teeth out :(

  6. great outfit as I said on the blouse..following you now:)

  7. coool mix. the colour of the shirt really go great with the skirt. cooool boots!

  8. Stunning look! Absolutely fabulous :) I love the color of the skirt, and the print on your shirt! I hope you're not too cold in all that snow though! Love :)

    VPV Intern