The weather was completely amazing today [in the upper 60's] I was outside almost all day.. I also attacked a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with my friend Madeline.. I will post some photos of my DIY, maybe tomorrow. It is always so much fun tearing up jeans and fraying them..

[find this look on lookbook]
vest - ARC Value Village
linen blouse - ARC Value Village $3.99
disco pants - American Apparel
Minnetonka moccasins - Savers $4
accessories - thrifted, DIY, & gifts

Have an awesome rest of your weekend!

p.s. Coelophysis is the state fossil of New Mexico.


  1. I was wondering what coelophysis was....your style has evolved so much. love how you play it up with a headscarf. the vest and leggings are great!

  2. are those american apparel pants comfy? I loooove the way they look, but I am kind of afraid of them.

  3. They are pretty comfy, the only issue I have is that sometimes they bug me in the knee area if I have been sitting for a long time.. But they are pretty friggin sweet.

  4. Nice outfit!

  5. The DIY sounds like fun
    I love your vest, gorgeous colour
    Hope you enjoy the Easter weekend

  6. loving the AA disco pants! i need a pair!

    x Lauren

  7. love the turban!! great outfit :)

  8. those disco pants look so amazing on you!! and i love how you layered it with the pretty colors. always so chic girl!! and hope you're having a happy easter!! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  9. Really love those disco pants!