leopaaarrdz gonna sacrifice ya

Hey! How are you!!? I am doing well!! This evening I went to a lecture that was about how fundamentalist protestants began their rapture rhetoric, it was titled "Was FDR the Antichrist?"hah!! I am fascinated by the study of religion. Another lecture I went to earlier in the year was about the Twilight books/films and Mormonism! Also very interesting..

Here is what I wore!
  I felt like a tool in this photo with my jacket all swung over my shoulder.. hah!
jacket - ARC Value Village
leopard print blouse - ARC Value Village
dress - ARC Value Village
tights - Target
moccasins - Minnetonka

Have an awesome Friday, and weekend!!


  1. Great tights, love it mixed with the animal print!!! Follow each other?


    Come enter my skull bracelet giveaway!

  2. Excellent! I've just followed you on Google and Bloglovin as well! Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck and remember, until it ends, you can enter once a day with a different number!

  3. great blog girl! love the tights!
    you have a brain which is most attractive so I hope you continue to write about your intellectual adventures, me on the other hand, dumb blonde, lol, or at least im gonna play that card. ;)


  4. Gorgeous, I love your blog, You're so quirky. I also love your figure, you have fierce curves and you know what to wear to accentuate them. Love it. Im following you, follow me? xx

  5. I love the jacket, so cool!


  6. Aweeeeesome jacket!


  7. oh my gosh i LOVE your glasses, lady. and the leopard print is killer on you.

    strawberry freckleface

  8. This looks like your all business with a side of play outfit, I am totally digging it! && those tights are to die for.
    You know what the best thing about you is? That you are just absolutely adorable AND smart. I feel like a get a dosing of education and fashion every time I come on your blog. Way to go girl!

    Much Love.

  9. your style has really evolved. the leopard print is incredible. the tights really play it up.

  10. I love this! Its so adorable! x
    Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way :)