my awesome dress

My mom got me this amazing dress from ARC Value Village, and we fixed it up a bit to make it super awesome. The slip that goes underneath was the same length as the sheer dress part. We cut it shorter in the front and kept it longer in the back. My grandma hemmed it so it looks pretty much perfect now. 

Hope your weekend was great ^-^


  1. Vintage are cute! I like. x

  2. Ohh what a lovely lovely dress. That style is perfect for you and i really like the color for you!! Great look
    x milla

  3. I love that dress, it's so unique and the colour's beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful dress! You look so lovely in it. I love the asymmetrical hem and how the sheer part is longer!

    Julie @ Mint & Mellow (Enter my giveaway!)

  5. Such a perfect dress and I loveeee the lace! I am loving that you paired it with a belt as well, it just makes the dress so much better. Kudos to your mom for finding such an awesome dress!