Haayy! So last night I went to bed thinking "I am going to wear something really well thought out today".. but then at 1am I got really sick and threw up a bunch! eeuugh. Needless to say, I was really exhausted [and had to do a bunch of work on a paper] when I woke up.. So I did not get the chance to wear something super great, but this was comfy..

necklace - gift
sweater -ARC Value Village
vest -The Hope Chest
jeans - Urban Outfitters
moccasins - Minnetonka

p.s. I felt fine all day, I think it was food poisoning.. which I have never had before
Have  a great Wednesday, I am going to the Oregon coast!!


  1. giiiiirl. this outfit is so so cute. Have fun at the coast tomorrow, I am so jealous! I hope the weather is good for you!

  2. Cute outfit.=) I hate throwing up.

  3. Great outfit! I love your vest and sweater so much!

  4. That last picture gave me a little chuckle, you are just so cute! && that facial expression you are making is just adorable. Just thought I'd throw that out there. :)
    && I am there with you, it is finals week and I am writing papers like crazy. I am also sick, well actually my eyes are sick, they are infected. :( Sooo yay us college girls and the poor timing of sickness. haha.


  5. I wish I own a moccasin, I was watching at this ebay Sam Edelman and forgot to bid on it!!This is very comfy, looks like the sweater is see through?..Oregon coast can be really cold, we go there and look forward on our meal at Mo's!