what a drag..

Hellooo! RuPaul's Drag Race is coming to a close, there is only one more episode! I am really excited to see how it plays out and who wins. I will fah sho do a post on the DRAG SUPERSTAR.. The finalists are: Manila LuzonAlexis Mateo, and Raja!

Sorry I look so disgruntled in these photos, it was an inconsideratepeople day..
stripe tunic - H&M
velvet vest - ARC Value Village
disco pants - American Apparel
studded cowboyish boots - Urban Original

I have a big text tomorrow! eep! 
I hope your week is sickening! 
[and I mean that in the good way]


  1. Supppppeerrr cute!
    I loveeee those boots, they are so nice looking.
    I wouldn't mind some close ups of those. :D
    && sorry about your inconsiderate people day, those are just the worst. :(

  2. Disgruntled but stylish. Great outfit. Good luck on your test.

  3. Love the stripes!!


  4. Gorgeous, I love that pants!

  5. I hope either Raja or Manila wins. And they are also def the most fashionable ones. Also, you're cool.

  6. Love the pants!! Especially with the top you have on. Aww boo inconsiderate people :( hope you did well on your test!

  7. cool disco pants! this all ties in together. awesome edge. loving the boots! even if you think you look disgruntled i think it fits the theme.