A wonderful thing happened today! I was reading Inspirafashion as I do everyday, and I saw that Kathleen gave me the "Liebster" blog award! 

It is an award where you share four of your favorite blogs who have 300 or less followers.. After reading Kathleen's post I literally squealed "eeeeeep!!!" and jumped around a lot. 

I have compiled my list of bloggers and why I love them:

Erica from No Fear Fashion - Erica has amazing style, she rocks a lot of denim, leather, and scarves

Sojourned In Style - She has a unique style, and is a fabulous and creative writer

Sonja from Esocalling  - Sonja's style is stunning, she comes up with genius looks that I would never have thought of, also all of her posts are beautiful

Aria from I Always Wear Glasses - Aria has the cutest blog I have ever seen, and she is a very talented artist

I don't normally write so much! But hopefully you will check out all of those blogs, they are all inspiring and awesome ^-^

Here is what I wore today:

sweater vest - Ragstock
stripe shirt - Target ^-^
belt - ARC Value Village
shorts - ARC Value Village
boots - Minnetonka Moccasins

Have a good daaaay! It is almost the weekend!


  1. Thank you Isabel!You're so nice and sweet!I'm really honoured!
    Have a great day!

  2. Congrats on your blog award!

  3. Looking to the weekend already? Telling from that smile, I think you so are...

  4. congrats! and thanks so much :)

  5. like your short :)


  6. Congratulations! Sooo awesome!

  7. thank you for your comment :)