hello!! I hope you had a good Memorial day! I hung out with my grandparents and cousins most of the day, but I also cleaned and talked with my parents on the phone :)
Remember how I said I studded some shorts? and got a really cool neckace? Well I wore both today, but I didn't take any close up pictures.. so you'll just have to wait for that. hah

t-shirt - from my old church
necklace - Gem & Rock store
shorts - ARC Value Village & DIY
socks - Target
boots - online

have any of you guys listened to the new Lady Gaga cd? What do you think?
At first I was like ehhh but now I really like it. hmmm.
have a good week!


  1. Cute! I want to put some studs on a pair of shorts but I'm afraid the backsides of the studs will dig into me and be uncomfortable....I love the way they look though!


  2. cute shirt!! the necklace looks really cute even though i can't clearly see it.. POST UP CLOSE UPS ASAP please haha the shorts look nice from what i can seee!

  3. Lady Gaga is my guilty pleasure to listen to. Hehehe

    xx T

  4. niceee ! (:


  5. Ooh I want to stud some shorts soon! U know, I dont really like the new CD. nothing really draws me in. I much prefer the first.


  6. I have a pair of studded shorts but urgghhh, it's raining again and cold out there?....this outfit is very kiddy and stylish, and nope, not a Lady Gaga fan, but my brothers (2) are! haha