observing the hypocrites

haaaay. Tonight, I started to separate the clothes I am leaving behind. I am coming back to Portland in August so I will get the left behinds then. I already have 3 trash bags full of clothes. woof. 

me today:
sweater - ARC Value Village
shorts - ARC Value Village
tights - from my mom
shoes - Payless

so I am a hypocrite. I used to not like creepers, but now I really do. 

[the title comes from No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley]

Keep on keepin' on, guys.
oh also, giveaway coming super soon!


  1. Creepers would look creepy on my feet but I do love them :) Great tights!!


  2. Hey! Cute! I used to not like creepers either but I think you would wear it well and that photo from Scavanger Type is a total win!

  3. Cute blog! Loved it!
    I am already a follower, can you follow me too, please??
    Follow the twitter @_justforgirls too, please?
    Kisses and regards!!
    Alice Dias


  4. your style has evolved so much! such a cool mix, the striped tights and sheer shirt, amazing! creepers, must get myself a pair!

  5. I love the tights, i always tell myself that i am buying more and those over the kneww high ones! have a fun and safe trip and hope your clothes are also safe and sound -- they are our babies y'now=)

  6. Yeey I love the idea of a giveaway! Great shorts dear, and I love Creepers ;-)

  7. The tights make this outfit. Most ladies would wear black, basic tights. But you're not most ladies. Lovely as always

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^