trip day 3: Sun Valley, ID

Howdy Hi Hey Hello! Do you ever get a crazy sweet tooth that wont go away & then buy loads of candy & inhale it before you realize you are starting to feel sick? & then try to drink water to make yourself feel better & the water tastes weird after all that candy & your tongue is sore from all the sugary skittles? well that happened to me tonight. but things could definitely be worse. hah.

here I am on day 3 in Sun Valley, Idaho!
turban, dress, & vest - ARC Value Village
fringe bag-necklace-pouch - found
stockings & tights - Target
shoes - Payless

This is my uncle Tom [also featured here]. Tom has been really supportive of my blog, and is always asking if things are "starship worthy". [It makes me like the title of my blog even more.] I have gone on a few road trips with him and he is always willing to check out the local thrift stores with me. He kindly agreed to be my photographer during our excursions on this trip. He is the best :D

I posted a few photos from this day [here] if you want to see more of the beautiful landscape.

Keep it real and have a good rest of your week ^-^


  1. nice outfitand your necklace really stands out:)

    It look like a very fun trip and you have the best friend and photographer as well :)

    hope you can visit my blog some time and if you like it, maybe we can follow each other?

    greetings from Sweden

  2. Love your headscarf, vest and necklace :)

  3. Hi, Isabel, thank you so much for your lovely comment, i'm following you now:)

  4. you look great. love black dresses- Your necklace is especially pretty.

  5. Your uncle is quite the stylisto! I like his bowtie! Also, I love the phrase "starship-worthy", so rad! You look adorable and I want to be in that magical beautiful place too!

  6. I'm loving that vest, necklace, and the shoes!! Ahh this has got to be my favorite outfit from you yet. love love love and i hope you're having fun in Idaho! it looks so prettyy and that's cool that your uncle supports your blog! My parents don't even know about mine ^.^ I don't even think they would care (they're weird)

  7. Your uncle is so sweet! You look adorable! Great look!

  8. this is so cute! i love the vest and thigh highs socks! super cute.


  9. Your turban is really cute! It suits you hairstyle so well :) xx

  10. Love your outfit, so pretty
    Your Uncle looks like he's got swag!
    So adorable that he supports you