play in dust and dream that it will never end

Hello!!! Sorry it has been so long since I posted! The weather has been rainy & awful, & I have been busy & exhausted from my internship (which is for a youth interfaith organization). But I like it so far, there is another intern who works with me and she is awesome.

Also, today is my sister's 23rd birthday! Happy Birthday Maddie!! She is really great, she is working for AmeriCorps right now in Utah. Here is a picture of us in Sun Valley, Idaho!
 Here is why I couldn't take any pictures of my outfits the past couple of days:

ok, here is my outfit today:
(my hand says "calendar" & has a drawing of a fish. cuz I <3 fish)
 "I love you internet people so much!"

gold velvet jacket - was my mom's
crochet vest, belt, & dress - thrifted
boots - Mexico

Thanks so much for all your comments, I read them all & they make me super happy ^-^
sorry this was kind of long, but I hadn't posted in forever, so lots of ground to cover.
Have a great rest of your week! 

[Also, I cut my hair like this so that it will grow out well & not look like a mop, I am still growing it out, like I said ^-^ hah.]


  1. You resemble Tavi so much! And that's always a good thing :)

  2. I love you new hair style you look very cute. The boots are amazing and I love the velvelt blazer so lovely! x

  3. You have great shoes:) adds to the observers and invite me.

  4. Just stumbled on your blog! GAH. You're so fierce. Your outfit is smashin' - I'm loving all the layering. AND SERIOUSLY YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE PERFECTION. Adoreee/

    Happy birthday to the sister!

  5. you guys look so cute! i love the layering on your outfit.

  6. happy birthday to your sister! your layering is so fun :)


  7. Such a pretty gold jacket, of course I follow you back :)

  8. first of all, am simple loving ur hairstyle...too cute!!
    like the dress and the way u have paired it up with the booties!!

  9. You are too cute! That picture of the cloudy sky is insane. It almost looks fake! I adore your vest.


  10. is that really your mum's velvet blazer! what an amazing piece, i love everything that you're wearing here! :)

    ALSO, just letting you I received the necklace!! THANK YOU so much, it's wonderful - hoping to share a post about it soon :)

    x Lauren

  11. You and your sister have the same smile :)

    Love your thrifted dress! It looks very Missoni.

  12. Happy birthday to your sis! Love outfit, especially the boots!

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