remember when I said that this weekend was going to be interesting? well it sure as hell has been already. I am pretty sure I am going to dye my hair tomorrow.. so that is SUPER exciting. Everything else in my life is going down the poop shoot, but my hair will be awesome. [hopefully!!]

this is what I wore yesterday.. I went to a rally at the capitol because our government was on it's way to shutting down because politicians cant compromise, and won't raise taxes for the richest people in Minnesota.. It ended up shutting down last night at 12PM. woof. so stuuupid.

Man, everyone is acting stupid. come on, world.

 sweater, dress, & booties - thrifted

 also, it was above 100 degrees yesterday and today, YUCK!

I hope you have a good fourth of July if you are celebrating ^-^


  1. totally love this outfit!! it's been blazing hot here too 0.0 so annoying. i hope you have a wonderful 4th of July too!

  2. Cute. Follow me if you like my blog :)

  3. great outfit love the cardi top thing! i fly a starship too! lol no i really do.

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  4. really love how you tied up the jumper, looks cute :)


  5. gorgeous! love that hairband.


  6. Nice outfit.. What color are you going to dye your hair?

    All the best, Angel

  7. Ergh, our politicians always protect the rich in times of trouble, ridiculous!!
    Love the dress and hairband! xx