Ghost World

Hello! I dyed my hair purple again, or rather, I am dying my hair (right now) again. Next time you see me, will you even recognize me? I watched Ghost World with my bud, it is really good, but sad. I enjoyed it a lot, you should watch it:

pictures from here, here, & here
ok really, how could you not want to watch it now?

I edited a couple of these for funzies


 girl got booty

jewelry - giveaways from this & this blog, Africa, Cuba, Portland, & a few gifts
top - online
belt - from childhood
shorts - thrifted & DIY

Also, I just saw that Lykke Li is playing in Minneapolis in November!! I hope I can go!! aaand I am wearing both necklaces I got in those giveaways! yay yay.

I hope you enjoy the end of your weekend. Tomorrow is my grandpa(although he isn't technically my grandpa)'s birthday!!
<3 Happy Birthday Jim <3


  1. I've never heard about this movie, but it looks really interesting, I'll definitely watch it.
    You look great, shorts are awesome, and your jewellery...ahhh!

  2. i've never seen that movie!! i want to see it now o.-

  3. looks & sounds like an awesome flick. hope the hair turns out well! great necklaces, love all this cool jewelerry, and studs on your shorts!

  4. I looove Ghost World!
    You're so cute in this pics!

  5. wow i like your outfit, the tops are really nice when there's 2 of them! and the pocket of the shorts is simply amazing!! i would like to do the same DIY u know. :p

  6. Ahhhhh, you look so cute! What a perfect casual summer outfit. And your booty sure is lookin' good in those shorts! ;) I love the studs on the back, and the long necklace with the crystal is beautiful. Oh, and happy birthday Jim! :D


  7. Bah! Still jealous of those necklaces and what you've done with those studs. "Send em my way!" haha. I watched your vlog. You are too cute! Like the new hair as well. Im looking for a change, Im so boring with my hair these days. Maybe some skunk stripes? hmmm.

  8. cool tribal looking bracelets, and scarf in hair.

    i recently discovered a few of the ghostworld comics posted online:

    watch out there are also pics of semi naked chicks on this site he put up for his 40th birtdhay, midlife crisis or whatever. but the ghostworld comics are interesting. i saw the movie long before i read these and i found it interesting to see the differences. a good, but rather saddening read.