hot hot heat.

Hello!! Sorry it has been a while since I posted, my computer died and I had to get a new hard drive and everything on my computer is gone.. so no music, no photos, no nuthin'. blehh >.< supez unfo.. (that means super unfortunate but nobody ever knows what I mean when I say supez unfo in real life it always ends up awkward..)

Have you seen HARRY POTTER?!? cuz I already saw it twice, and I am going again on Thursday. Hollahh! I loved it. I hope you did too, and if you don't like Harry Potter I hope you enjoyed whatever you did instead ^-^

Here is what I wore last night when I saw HP in 3D:

 top & shorts - Arc's Value Village
shoes - payless

 I have been changing my hair with spray color since my hair is grey now...
sorry they are big.. I didn't have the energy to make them smaller..  

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  1. Umm I was reading this post up until you started talking about Harry Potter as I have yet to freakin see it, loser I am I know -_- Your hair colors look awesome on you and sorry to hear about your hard drive. I always hear horror stories and never seem to back up any of my stuff, blah.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Very sweet outfit :D totally loving the head band, a great way to accessorize the overall outfit <3


  3. love your shirt- so cute! and your hair is awesome!! love your blog :)

    Meena xxx

  4. nope, not yet. Yeah I'm a HP-fan (well, I love the books), but haven't seen it! Shame on me, hahah

    Anyways, LOVE your blouse and your hair looks so cute :)

  5. I havent seen it yet but realllly have to!!x

  6. Great outfit! I've been wanting to try spray colour. Is it good?


  7. I'm acutally liking the big pictures! These old eyes don't have to strain as much hehehe! Loving the last pic! Cute and quirky!

  8. gosh, crashed computers are so bad. reminds me on doing a back up soon.

    cute shots. sometimes simple looks are just great!°

  9. i love the photoss hahaha! SOO CUTE

  10. Oh my goodness, I love the way you're coloring your hair, with the bangs different from the rest of it. You look so cute! And I'm loving your black top. Oh gosh, Harry Potter was so good!


  11. I like the outfit to HP, pretty skirt and like that you knotted the top. I love how experimental and bold you are with your hair, the colour looks sick.

  12. I love the balck and grey look! and the photo with pink hair is genius!x