I am a mess.

how is your weekend going?
Today I went shopping for 5 hours for many things, and I bleached my hair. It is currently orangey yellowy colored, which I don't mind. But I am going to bleach it again tomorrow to make it much whiter. Then I will be dying it light purple. I am super excited. 
It felt really nice to have a drastic change. 
(once on a state writing test I was trying to write drastic, but I had always pronounced it jurastic, and so I wrote that down..)

Here is what I wore yesterday:
top & shorts - Arc's Value Village

Last night I was biking home and I made a stop at the lake. I was in need of a catharsis, and so I took off my shoes & top and went into the water. I was shouting and sobbing and a storm was brewing, it started to rain and I just stood in the water getting really wet. I looked crazy to the pre-teen boys who were hanging out on the beach but it was a good experience.

I hope you have a good long weekend ^-^

oh and here is my hair right now:


  1. omg that sounds amazing (the screaming and sobbing). i'm sure you looked like a total freak ^-^ <3 AND YOUR HAIR!!! so freakin' kickass! i'm going to be bleaching my ends in the next few weeks! I SO CITED. totally love your shorts and top girllll

  2. lucky you! i want to go shopping and do my hair haha. xx opinionslave

  3. that sounds like an experience!!! but it's good to have stuff like that out :) love your outfit, that top is gorgeous, and looking forward to seeing your hair a light purple :D

  4. wow!! it totally changed your look, i could imagine you will look more hippie-ish and goth! which really stands for your blog title! I am excited to see the outcome, I was supposed to have my roots touch up to be able to go to the 4th J party but the salons yesterday are available til teusday=(sad..I got a box of purple color fr walmart, I don't know how to do it on my hair so, i have same problem as yours, u sure will look even more beautiful and edgey!

  5. p.s gad..thanks for the badge of my drawing! -->

  6. Super cute outfit! and I'm really excited about how your hair will look like tomorrow :o :)


  7. adorable top :) your new hair looks lovely! keep up the cute blog and have a wonderful week!

    love, M

  8. YAYYY LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!cant wait to see the purple:) xx

  9. Oh my gosh, you are planning a VERY drastic change!!! I really wish you'd keep your hair like this for a while before you bleach it again though cos it looks AMAZING!!!!
    Hahaha, sounds like quite a liberating experience! xx


  10. I really love your dark nail polish and glasses.....Also, I'm a HUGE fan of MN...Cool town.

    Get Up & Go

  11. your glasses are nice and love the necklaces you chose with the outfit!

  12. Hey! You look sooo pretty!!I love it!
    And I love your garden!

  13. I can't wait to see the purple hair.

  14. A dramatic change - I love it! It's kind of geek chic :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm your newest follower :)

  15. drastic like jurastic, I had to laugh! great outfit, the shorts are awesome. I like how you capped it off with a funny and slightly embarassing anecdote, and I think at one point or another we have all done something odd in public that gained us a few weird glances. liking the "jurastic" hair change!

  16. i LOVE those red shorts. muah!