queen bee

I have not been having the best week but, today. was. perfect.
so perfect! I spent all afternoon wandering around thrift & vintage stores with my friend, Jake. He is pretty much the best person ever. I have parted ways with some of my good friends. I ain't got time for those fools. Jake made me feel so much better about the situation
<3 <3 thanks bro!

Today I looked like the rainbow of Jesus. CAN YOU BELIEVE I FOUND THIS AMAZING TOP AT VALUE VILLAGE FOR $5.99?!?!?!?

 I love the world!!

top, belt, scarf, shorts - thrifted at Value Village
shoes - payless
Jake kept referring to me as the "queen bee" today. good stuff. Have a good rest of your weekend!!


  1. that last picture is way too cute haha. i love that shirt soooo much!!! what a steal since it looks in almost flawless condition. i'm also loving the socks with those shoes :) awww well the week is basically over, so that be the past. hopefully this weekend will be a better one for you! i love your hair so much i don't think i've said it enough haha

  2. this look is so fun! just love it!


  3. Great top, and I really love all the colours in this outfit! I hear you on parting ways with some friends, grrr. Love the headscarf too!

  4. That's a really great top, indeed!
    I really love portraits on clothes ehehehe
    You've got an interesting sense of style! It reminds me of an edgy 50's housewive, this particular outfit; I think it's great! * w *

    And don't worry too much! Just be grateful for your real friends and enjoy your time together to the max! c:

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  5. Great top! You look like you are having a lot of fun in the photos.

  6. Ugh friends, I much prefer my blogging friends to my real life friends these days. Its just that friends have high expectations of you and the older you get, the harder it is to meet them because you gotta live your own life you know? Thrifting is a great way to unwind and I love your shirt. That is an amazing find! Keep ya head up,


  7. I have no idea how your found that shirt, but I love it!! I can promise you that nobody else will have a shirt like that.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. wow what a great top and epsecially at such a bargain price! you've got very cute style :)


  9. hahaha love the colours and those shorts xx

  10. Really need to get myself thrifting! Loving the colors and the head tie!


  11. casual and fun outfit! perfect for summer and you look adorable :D

  12. oh my girl, i love love love the tee, cannot get enough of it

  13. The halo did the trick. Sassy outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  14. well, wow, that top was definately a keeper. most badass top ive seen all day! =)

  15. I wish I could hang out with you and Jake... T.T