More New Mexico

New Mexico is so greaaat, and too beautiful. 

 whaaat? can sky really look that beautiful??



 top, accessories, & shorts - Arc's Value Village

 I went to 2 different thrift stores today in Espanola, NM. I got some cool stuffs. maybe I will wear them soon and put pictures up..

say hello to my little friend:

Also, I have been thinking I should really do something with my love for thrifting and fashion and clothes.. I am not sure what, maybe an online shop orrr try to get a cool internship somewhere.

Cheers to my girl Larissa who just opened up her online shop, Miracle Eye
check it out, cuz it is awesome. (And she is giving my readers a 20% off code, it is: STARSHIP20) 
go get buyin'

I hope you are all having a good August<3


  1. I think the same thing all the time. We are like sitting on our thrifting talent! haha. These pics look amazing. You reminded me that my grandma was born in New Mexico. I was wondering if that is what she saw throughout her childhood. Thank you for that.


  2. Those skies are amazing! God I am so jealous of you right now. I wish I could take a vacay somewhere AH-MAZING like that!!!!! your hair is freakin' badass i hate you for it haha. and thank you so much for that addition in the end about my store! you are the best Isabel!

    Velvet Codeine

  3. that sky is deliciously clear. awesome hair, I'm obsessing over it. just checked out miracle eyes and I must buy something soon, so many good items!

  4. Look like an amazing place to take photos!! and I love cow skulls! I think they look amazing! <3 converse!!! x

  5. Nice pics xoxo

  6. Really wanna get myself to New Mexico. It is on the list! Loving how you colorblocked this outfit from the hair, the necklace to the shorts!

  7. Fantastic photos!! I love your hair!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  8. SO AMAZING! I have always wanted to visit here! the scenery is absolutely gorgeous :)


  9. u look so beautiful!

    love ur hair!


  10. Fantastic pictures! It looks like you're having a good time!

  11. very cool photos!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  12. want to be here!
    luck girl

  13. I want to open an online shop too, just don't know where to start... I find it so hard to focus my ideas into anything coherent lol. You should deffo do one, I bet it'd be great.
    Looking lovely btw, New Mexico suits you :) xx