Bitter Heart

Hello! Happy weekend everybodyy!!

Last night was gorgeous. A group of friends and I biked to a midnight showing of The Room. Which is a cult movie.. so people were shouting out additional lines, hurling plastic spoons at the screen whenever one of the many spoon paintings was shown, and tossing about a football whenever they played with one in the movie. Then we biked back to our school, it was such a beautiful night and the weather was amazing. I LOVE BIKING IN THE TWIN CITIES!!!

Today I biked around and I found a good spot to take pictures.. but not without the usual awkward fashion blogger moments.. (people looking at you like you are weird, feeling super aware of all the people around you.. yeah. funzies.)

plaid button down - dad's
lace top - Heartbreaker
shorts & belt - Arc's Value Village
creepers - onliiine

I dyed my hair on Tuesday night with manic panic! yayay. 
Oh! My picture was in the fashion section of my school newspaper!
Also.. shout out to Larissa whose birthday was yesterday!!! She has super rad style so you should check her ouuut.

The title of this post comes from this song off of Mason Jennings' new album. He is amazing:


  1. loves loves loves it. your hair is killing me ah i am so jealous! and thank you for the shoutout at the end! and for the tweet <3 <3 <3 i'm starting to dig flannel again.. hehe

  2. Nice hair color! Yes, I am biased..but it does look great on you. The Room - one of my favorite movies. Glad people are recognizing how fantastically BAD it is. <3

    strawberry freckleface

  3. Your hair look great!
    Love how this top looks with the shirt, awesome!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I'm trying to venture out more often, and I'm finding it's not as scary as I thought. Brave we must be!

  5. really cool hair and outfit

    kiss dear

  6. Thnx hun, but it´s really red in real life hehe :) HUGS! YOu look awsome :)

  7. wow,yet another really great hair-color?

  8. Ugh! My dad has tons of plaid button downs but he's, well, a little large and I would just DROWN in them. Yours is so cute! I'm super jealous. And your hair looks great! That is so cool that your picture was in the school paper!


  9. You're not blue anymore!
    Love the pose in the last picture!

  10. awwhh looveee your hair ! <3
    great outfit :D


  11. Honestly every time I come to your blog is exiting! I never know wich new colour of hair you are going to come up!! I love the way you use your hair as an accessory! I wonder which colour would be next..

  12. My boyfriend and I almost went to see The Room on Saturday night. Darn, because I might have seen you there! I love those creepers! I got my first pair a few months ago and am in l-o-v-e. I saw a ridiculous (in a good way) pair at Goodwill yesterday, but they were too big. Also, I was wondering what that website you mentioned getting discount shoes from a few months back was... I am trying to remember the name of it, maybe something like

  13. That movie sounds super fun. I love your hair and creepers!