Fall Clothing Challenge

I have so much to share with you all! First things first, I have been trying to find a way to do more fashion things besides just my own personal fashion, blog, and tumblr. I have decided that I want to start styling photo shoots. I have some rad ideas so look for that soon!!

Tres Fly is having a Fall Clothing Challenge! I am participating along with Olivia [Brooklyn.Life.Style] and Rose & Violet [La Boutique Verte].
The basic idea is to wear neglected clothing:

Here is my list:
Bell necklace, H&M sweater, orange skirt, leather skirt, snakeskin pants, black sandals, velvet jacket, corduroy shorts, Target spring top, floral tights. 

Here is what I wore todaaaii:

vest, dress, shoes, bracelets - thrifted
belt - was my grandma's

Have a good week!! Monday, Funday!


  1. I love that you showed off your items in a video. That dress your wearing looks great.

  2. Those clogs are bitching! Love that orange skirt! and the Navajo sweater. Good luck with your project.


  3. Gorgeous outfit, love the different pieces, you look great!! xx

  4. Love your outfit, vest looks great!

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  5. Loving all the elements in this outfit! The belt is the cherry, the shoes, the whipped cream! Fabulous. I like the idea about the neglected clothing...perhaps it's time to shop my own closet!


  6. i am so jealous you can pull off pink hair!!

  7. love all the texture in your outfit!


  8. Love the idea of the proyect! sound great I can wait to see more stuff! Love the velvet shoes!

  9. How cute that this is so feminine by the look of your sandals yet, a rock-ish feel! :)wishing you luck for the project sweetie!

  10. Your neon hair is seriously so great. And those shoes? The entire outfit, really. You've got it going onnnnnn.

  11. i love your hair so much! cute chunky platforms!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  12. I like your shoes! and you seem really nice! great video! I think you were one of my first blog followers in 2009 and you were one of the first peoplep i followed! - cant believe it was so long ago! its so nice that weve both kept at it (so many have gone!)good luck with the styling! i'm sure youll do well! xcx

  13. This is a brilliant idea ! I can't wait to see what you'll do for this project !

  14. ooo i really like the whole idea of making sure you're wearing the pieces of clothing that don't frequent as much as others. Looking at my wardrobe now, there are so many items I have not worn in ages and am looking to sell them instead. Thanks for sharing your video, so great to see and hear you! :) i love what you did with all the different textures, you really have a knack for putting very different items together.

    hope you're doing well!

    x Lauren

  15. I just started my blog the other day, actually1 It's very fun. I wish I had started it earlier!!!!!!!!!

  16. Great outfit, love those slip ons too ! I think this is an awesome challenge since all us gals are guilty of neglecting perfectly new and unworn stuff that we just HAD to buy in the heat of the moment.