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Hello! I hope you had a nice weekend! yayay!
I have so much to do this week and so I wanted to post tonight cuz I am not sure when I will get the chance again.. hmmph. School is so blehh.

Today I was taking pictures and this lady was looking at me like I was crazy and I just felt so awkward.. but anyways I am sure you all have stories like that.. so goes the life of a fashion blogger, right?

jacket - mom's old
skirt - thrifted in Espa├▒ola, NM
top - Target
shoes & socks - online

This top, jacket, and skirt are all part of the Fall Clothing Challenge I am participating in.
woop. woop.


Last month I saw Brother Ali twice.. he is amazing. This is one of my favorite songs by him right now.. He is a rapper from the Twin Cities, his songs are so powerful and real. <3
ps the title of this post is one of the lyrics from this song


  1. The pumkin colored skirt is lovely as are those little white socks :) Reminds me of socks I used to wear as a little girl. Oh I get stared at all the time. Very annoying but I've learned to ignore them. Have also had someone offer to take my pictures for me...move along, sir, there's nothing to see here!!

  2. SO MUCH BEAUTY I AM GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!! I don't even know where to start. Velvet blazer(???) is divine, orange skirt is beauteous and omg I think I've said this before but those creepers kasmeoisgnuzigib they look so awesome with frilly sock, too. <3

  3. Love how this top looks with the skirt, and these socks are lovely!

  4. hahaha i tend to stop when people pass by!!;)
    AND OMG LOVE YOUR VELVET JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!if I had something like that I would pro never take it off haha!!;) xx

  5. Thanks for watching that youtube video of Piggee. That ish was hilarious right? You couldnt make that stuff up! I tried to watch the hot jam you posted but it wouldnt let me. So I have to make another trip to youtube. I like your 50/50 outfit. that is something Im going to start saying when something is half thrifted, half retail. Never mind me ha.

  6. Your style is great!!!Love your blog.

  7. the orange looks so good on you :)

  8. love u dear!

    so cool cardi!

    amazin rings-socks-crepers!!!!!!!!!


  9. firstly, i've missed you Isabel! sry for lack of you may know, school is being mean haha. but newhoo, just gta say your style is always such amazin inspiration :). and your hair I LOVE aaalways :). p.s. i derno why i didnt do this long time ago, but added you to my daily reads ;).

    <3, Kathleen.

  10. Cool outfit!

  11. love this outfit! i love everything about it!

  12. I love how you mix colors on this outfit, and your top is gorgeous ! Well, tell the old lady that she can't understand !

  13. Oh Isabel this is so colourful genius! love the whole combo :) xx

  14. I just awarded you in my blog, check it out! ;)

  15. YESSS I LOVE YOUR SKIRT. I'm a total sucker for orange - 'tis just OH SO FUN. You are totally rocking your look like there's no tomorrow, SHHHBAM.

    And yesss. I feel so awkward taking pictures in public areas. People just don't get ussss!