finishing up

Haylo there! How is everybody?? I've created a list of things I want to do after this semester is over (in about 5 weeks). I want to take bellydance classes (in case you didn't know, I've already been taking classes for forever), get my license (yes, I know embarrassing that I am 19 and have no license, but my family only had one car.. blah blah), and I am going to be spending more time figuring out what I need in life to be happier.

I did this clothing challenge in October and I am behind on posting the end results, I had chosen 10 items that I don't wear as often as I'd like to. I wore every piece! yay! (But I didn't get a photo of the (p)leather skirt or the necklace). You can read the other posts here and here.

Here are the remainder of the clothing challenge outfits 
(this one is using the floral tights):
 velvet jacket, shorts, belt, top - thrifted
tights, sweatshirt - Target

and another challenge outfit (the sweater):
 sweater - H&M
top - thrifted
pants - Urban Outfitters
boots - Mexico

Aaaand finally one last challenge outfit (snake print pants!)

 jacket, pants, top, shoes - thrifted
bracelety-ring-chain thing - present from my cousiiin from India

Teehee. Well I hope you are having a good weekend!! <3


  1. i totally love that shjirt in the first pic and the snakeskin pants! lots of other cool clothes, there, too! can i borrow them :P ?

    i am 24 and I can't drive. I actually had my P plates but i didn't get good enough to drive on my own before my licence ran out! so don't worry, you are way ahead of me!

  2. Oh, these snake print pants are just amazing! and I love your cowboy boots in second outfit, perfect!

  3. Oh, that "bracelety ring-chain thing" is BEAUTIFUL! (I never know what to call those either!) It's without a doubt one of my favorite pieces of yours. And those floral tights are darling, you ought to wear them more often! Have fun with your list! The belly dance classes sound like a blast!


  4. Those pants! My lady, you are way too good of a thrifter. Velvet, ah velvet, you know you've won my heart already but yes this post could not have been any more better. I'm thinking I should do the same thing you did! Creating a list of things I want to do to make me happier sounds like fun anyways.

  5. love the "Jesus" "Mary" t-shirt ! You're awesome!

  6. I love how you mix accessories! My sister has one of those "bracelety-ring-chain" things too from the Minnesota RenFest (which you should know since we live so close to each other!! ;D) but I don't think she's ever thought to wear it with an outfit! I love them all but I'd have to say the first outfit is my favorite, I love the tights and Mary shirt! Also, I just realized I'm not following you yet!! Must get on that ;)

  7. Oh ma gad! THOSE FRICKIN SNAKE PRINT PANTS. I am dying of their beauty. This is a really cool challenge and I'm thinking I may just try it soon. lol I don't have my license either. Driving scares the hell outta me.

  8. yoooooooooooo are aweeeeeeeeeeesooooooooooooomeeee!!!

  9. 1. ohmygoshhh.. need those snakeskin pants!
    2. I'm really sorry to hear about your house. :(
    3. I totally didn't get my license until I was 21.. & even now I STILL hate driving!


  10. I love those creepers with the t-shirt in your last outfit! thanks for your comment btw! I'm flattered. :>

  11. i love your unique style! those boots in the post below are badass! if you ever want to get rid of them i'd be happy to take them off your hands :)

    i'm sorry about your house!! that's awful, but at least your okay. hope everything works out for you!

    Beneath the Glass

  12. All amazing. Holy shit, you own snakeskin trousers. That is insane.

  13. I love the bracelet you paired with the snake print pants.

  14. Adorable outfits, I really like that hand jewellery. Oh and don't worry, man, I'm 21 tomorrow and I STILL don't have my license! sooooo bad.

  15. I love all these beautiful outfits, and I think I'll do like you : take time to care for my happiness, thanks for the idea !!!

  16. The t-shirt in the first outfit is awesome!:D

  17. I love that hand chain thingy-it's beautiful! Great t-shirt in the first outfit too. I want to do belly dancing classes soon!

  18. lovely looks dear

    amazin velvet cardi

    cool snake pants

    stunning ring-bracelet

    kiss my dear

  19. the chain braclet is amazing!I want it:( xx

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