I hope you had an amazing Halloweeeeen! I had 3 different costumes; Lindsay Bluth Fünke from Arrested Development, Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World, and I was also the sunset. I hope you had a fun Halloween, I really love the holiday.. I mean it is the best, everyone dresses up!! It is wonderful to see people dressed more creatively. I wish people dressed up more often!! And also, I really wish more people had dyed hair. The majority of the human population is so boring with their clothes and hair. blarrgh. 

 My friend, Ilana, and I dressed up together,
I was the sunset, and she was the nighttime:

 (get it? blue to purple, to red, to orange, to yellow, and some light pink too!)
top & sweatshirt - Target
skirt & vest - thrifted
shoes - Demonia

 (Ilana's night look was a biiit more glamorous than my sunset situation)

this is from my newest look on lookbook, not much to say here except that I love my new Demonia boots SO much.

top & spiked choker - thrifted
skirt - Heartbreaker
boots - Demonia



  1. What a babe. I bet you looked incredible as Enid ;)

  2. Ok. #1. Love all of your costume ideas to death. #2. This http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qaAdokV0CPM/TrC_0-7eXFI/AAAAAAAABRQ/nWwd-J_E3z0/s1600/SAM_2298.JPG photo of you is FREAKING STUNNING! Such a good outfit, and you look like a freaking model! You need to model. What are you doing.

  3. gahhh your boots are just toooo perfect!!

  4. I love your outfits! the colours are great! and that sparkly blue dress is perfect because it's like stars, too!

    your new boots look great, and i am pretty sure i would kill someone to get that velvet top! not you though, youre too cool. someone else. :P


  5. so 90s and so sexy in those 2 last pixx

    <3 u dear!

  6. Yes ! Divine shoes !!! I love the colors of your sunset costume, you're so creative !!!

  7. AW! Sunset and nighttime so adorable. I want to see this Lindsay Bluth costume man. I love that show. It's coming back for another season, eh? Or it's rumoured to be...Great new look! What can I say! <3

  8. GAAAAH! AWESOMENESS! i love your blog <3

  9. Enid ! :) Loving these boots, they're so bada$$ and hawt (meow!) at the same time. I wish too that the majority of society would'nt crap their pants if people actually dared to be more creative with their everyday outfits. Even for Halloween, its just an excuse for most gals to dress even more crude than usual. What up with that ? Seriously its about letting go of your inhibitions and dressing craazzy ! Anyhoo, enough of my rant :) hope your halloween was swell too ! xo

  10. I love the colors in your sunset outfit.

  11. So cute both of you!!! Love this post so much! I´m following you now dear btw! xx

  12. I agree Isabel, the majority we are very boring with our hair! I guess it would be nice if people were more creative with their clothes! but the majoraty are clones! My favourite thing is the necklace with the studs! so amzing!x

  13. OH MY GOD THAT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER WITNESSED. SERIOUSLY. I LOVEEEE IT. SO MUCH. What a smashing idea! I can't get over it! And you both look so adorable! You could totes wear that over and over and forever and ever and YEAH.

    Those boots are WILD.


  14. oh girl, you have the most brilliant hairstyle ever!

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

  15. Halloween is my favorite holiday too! There's no question about it; it is the BEST. What a beautiful sunset! ;) And holy crap, that is one badass outfit. Those BOOTS! They're the toughest shoes I've seen.