until we bleed

Hola amigos. I moved! so I had to say a tearful good bye to my wonderful roommate, Lily.

Here she is lookin' all cute n stuff..
(idk, i've been enjoying blurry photos as of late, sorry if it bugs you)

Here I am.. people always say funny things about my hair.. "is that a wig?", "are you crazy?", "is it hard to get your hair that color?", "isn't your hair dead??".. no, no, no, and no. although I had a break through and I think I am going to buy wigs (like this, this, and this) and buzz my hair so I can change it all the time. I am super excited for that.

dress - thrifted
sweater - Target, about a million years ago
boots - Demonia

tehe, I kind of love paring my demonia boots with something floral because it confuses people. 

this is the song inspired the title of this post:
(this is a really great version of it, mixed with some dialogue)

have a good holiday and break if you're on one!!



  1. Your best outfit everrr, love you!

  2. Also I think blurry photos are the only way to appropriately capture how we were feeling (hop hop hop hop)

  3. Are u nomadic? I swear you are always moving. I enjoy your Lolita goth punk estilo. I saw a granny at Ross with like manic panic hot pink permed short hair. So did my mom amd her friends and they wouldn't shut up about how weird and bright it was. I was like, that's the point. U think that granny gave an eff about what strangers think? Hell no. Get on with your wigged self.

  4. :( i'm sorry about you having to move and leaving your friend. i hate stuff like that because you don't even have a choice. i'm sure you both will keep in contact though so it won't be that bad after all!

    seriously in LUUUUV with you Isabelllll gah just marry me already please? give me your hair, your dress, your boots! i love wearing things that i KNOW shouldn't go together because it gets people thinking and a reaction is what i love! it's sad how in my neighborhood people aren't used to seeing anyone put any 'effort' into their appearance, so if anyone is slightly well-dressed it's like you're a freakin' alien or something.

  5. PS lykke li is da shiiiiet i luv her to death. until we bleed was actually the first song i ever heard by her :)

  6. You look porecious! I like the contrasts in the oufit :) Hope you have a great Holiday time!! x

  7. Hhahaa 'Is it a wig' I get that a lot too! I kind of like it when people ask that because I like wiggish hair.

  8. I always love tough boots with cute dresses. i think those boots are fairly similar to the ones I used to have when i was a goth rock chick. I love people with bright hair, and am always a little jealous because my hair and scalp aren't tough enough to take constant dyeing!

  9. Gai! You're both so adorable! Good luck with moving and all!

  10. Ugh, please continue to confuse me (us all), with your mix of demonia boots/with that adorable floral (!) dress, its just blowing my mind over here. Yay to wigs ! Im sure you'll find a great way to rock them with your outfits. Happy holidays love ! xo

  11. YES! The boots and dress are perfect together. I think you're very brave to do what you do with your hair! It looks amazing. That light blue wig is AMAZING. One of my friends just dyed her hair that colour. I hope you settle nicely into your new home! Happy holidays, bby. <3

  12. That dress is so pretty! And gorgeous boots
    Your hair looks absolutely incredible, you're a brave girl and it really suits you!