The Warmth

Hi Hi Hey Hello! Velcome to my blog. 
Lily (my roommate and bestest friend) (look at her tumblr now) rocks my world. We both believe the world needs more color, so we dyed my hair last night. Picture two giggling crazies dying hair in a public dorm bathroom with people walking in and staring at us, whilst we giggle and put more manic panic in my hair.. we met some pretty nice kids.

The other day we went to Buffalo Exchange and both sold some old clothes and also got these sweaters. We realized after we'd both decided to buy them that they match! They are like.. icicle, winter, amazing, twin sweaters. awesome.

te gusta mi pelo nuevo?

 (love of my life)

tehe we made our saddest faces:
 sweaters, shorts, belts, boots - thrifted (& DIY [shorts])
tights - We Love Colors

I am moving home so soon, crazyyyy! Hopefully I will be able to blog more.




  2. me ENCANTA tu pelo nuevo ;)
    y'all seem like the coolest girls to hang out with.. wish i lived with you guys that way i would never be a loner. and then, i could purchase a third icicle sweater and we could be called the 'icicle suicides'

    i love to fantasize about having matching sweaters with cool girls. i like to fantasize about having friends in general. YEAH!

  3. you all are the cutest and gosh if green hair doesn't suit you just fine! LOOOOOOVE.

  4. YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAAAZINGGGG!!!!! i think this is actually my favorite color so far... eeeeeeeeeep!

  5. great crazy sweaters! I love your striped tights and your green hair!!!

  6. Oh my holiness. YOU ARE SO CUTE ! your hair is awesome and I absolutely love those square toe boots, so adorable !

    Excuse my very obvious love fest of a comment, im making you blush and cringe with fear. Im sorry. xoxo

  7. You look soo awesome! I love the hair colour, very unique. The tights are great and lovely matching jumpers.

  8. At first when I saw the electric green hair, I was thinking "could it be?" and it was, in the boldest and brightest way. I am so craving some thrifted sweaters now. you both look super duper awesome!

  9. Si, me gusta muchisimos. K chulas! I see you've gone green for the winter, very wise. Those icicle sweaters are so cool. Get it? Ok no more puns.

  10. I love these sweaters ! Your hair is fantastic, this light green brings the light !

  11. I think I'm about to steal your hair and tape it to my head. Seriously. How do you get it that bright?? I used to dye my hair purple and no matter how long I bleached it beforehand it was always really dark. Gotta have the right kinda hair, I guess. Anywho, that purple sweater is exactly what I've been looking for this winter. I MAY just have to go out and find one. Steal your swag. Naaah you're too awesome for that :)