I want Tunnel Vision

Hello!! How is life over in your part of the world? 
I've signed up for and info session with the Aveda Institute, I am super excited. I hope that it goes well :D

(double vision? see my tattoo and the logo on the shirt? love that place.)

mom's old jacket
brother's old t-shirt
thrifted shoes, skirt & belt

TUNNEL VISION OPENS TOMORROW.  Seriously, what could be better than a web shop full of the (perfect) bloggers Madeline and Brit's wonderful vintage finds? If you are like me at all you cannot go an hour without thinking about fashion/clothing/style. I am constantly coming up with new outfits in my head, thinking of how much I like someone's [insert clothing item], and what I would add to my wardrobe if I could. Because I am so inspired and excited by fashion I look at tons of blogs and am almost constantly on tumbr. My favorite types of bloggers are ones that have a definite personal style that steers away from conventional fashion, and the ability to come up with creative outfits without being millionaires. Both Madeline and Brit are masters at finding great vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. They are two of the most inspiring bloggers in the world. There web shop will, no doubt, be phenomenal.  (Also, make sure to like the facebook page because they are giving out a secret code which allows you to shop early and get a discount! aaAaaAAAaaaAaaahhhhhh)

Here are some of the previewed products:

 (lusting over every piece in this shot ^^)

now, put yourself together and go buy everything. 



  1. First of all, OH MY GOD YOUR SHOES WHAT AHHH THEY ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe they're thrifted. Also, I didn't know you had a tattoo! I love it. I'm digging the plaid skirt, too! Second of all, OH MY GOD TUNNEL VISION! I am so excited. I wish I weren't broke!

  2. I absolutely love love love the ghost ranch!

  3. I love your ouffit! the shoes are an amazing find! the outfit looks perfect on you! the ruffle on the skirt is so cute! you have amazing style!

  4. Hope the info session goes great!! You look wonderful xx

  5. your pink boots! jesus christ they're PERFECT. when i saw the picture of the top, the first one, i was like 'hhmmm that looks kind of familiar..' then i saw the photo with your tattoo following it! then i felt REALLY special for thinking 'oh my god! the tattoo is the same! that's why it looks so familiar! ooh i can't wait to comment saying I, Larissa, noticed something nobody else did, boy am i one clever and analyzing cat!' thennnnnnn i scrolled down a little bit more and read 'double vision? see my tattoo and the logo on the shirt? love that place.' and felt totally stupid. but anyways, i love this so much! so much inspiration here, a brown suede-ish top/jacket with a plaid skirt. fuck yes.

  6. This is so sweet! I'm so glad you got to order some things!!! You look awesome, as always!

  7. This sounds exciting!! Love your look too! Those boots are awesome! :-)

  8. I love your outfit so much! I have some similar pieces, so I will be using this as inspiration. Woo hoo!