Me Neither


 I am so happy
Ilana and Emily
Are back in St. Paul!!

hehe it's a lil haiku for y'all about how excited I am to have my friends back in town. yayayayayayayayayayaayayayayayayayayayayyyy.

Ok, so did you guys end up shopping at Tunnel Vision? Yeah, it was even better than I thought. This shirt is from there.. ermmm I love it, so much. Like my new boots? I got them on ebay for like.. 17 bucks. word.

dress & vest - thrifted
jewelry - ebay, thrifted, etsy, mom's necklace, and a gift



  1. TUNNEL VISIONNN. ♥ That shirt is so awesome; I am all over those shades of green. I snagged the floral print patch jeans from them, but still trying to get off of my lazy butt and take photos.

  2. Your jewellery is to die for! And this top is awesome, really love it!

  3. Shitt you look fly! Kick ass boots and shirt!!! Love what the girls put into Tunnel Vision.

    xx Jacqueline

  4. i guess to much jewry in this case doesn't bother me, in fact I may have to try it!!

  5. looooove the top and your jewelry. if i had that vest, i'd probably wear it everyday.. it's so perfect. your hair is unreal dude. it looks SO good on you!

  6. That top is sweet and I am strangely attracted to the shoes, very nice. Very nice, INDEED! (Sorry the heat is getting to me)

  7. I adore the top, awesome tie-die <3

  8. Oh...awkward...I definitely wanted that top...I'm going to steal it. No but really itis awesome and I love how you piled on all of those necklaces. I love that look but sadly, I have two necklaces. I like how you paired the badass boots with the maxi so hey just peek out. Your hair is looking radder than ever. Dark colors are great on you. The other day you said something about me getting bangs...I don't know. The last time I had bangs was when I was eight and I looked like a Super dork. I also had buck teeth, but that is irrelevant. I will consider it. Maybe I will use one of those sites where you can try on different hair styles. You are the best. Woop woop.

  9. I'm so happy I found your blog! your style is so amazing and I want it. just all of it :D I think I have to go troll through all your old posts now...

  10. also hell yes I am following you!

  11. You always look like such a rock star! We love the way you've layered this!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

  12. I love your hair! I recently dyed my own hair with manic panic as well, I didn't leave it on for nearly as long, i didn't have the patience haha. I love your style, it is really unique, in a lovely way. That top is cool :)

  13. That sweater is so rad! Love it!

  14. You're so awesome. All the time. I haven't been blogging much lately and I've missed your blog! But I'm back. And you're still awesome. Those boots of yours are so freakin' cool. They look really clunky, but in a good way!