Hello peeepz:

ERMMMM.. So I think I've decided to keep my hair growing, but get some layers cut in and trim it up to make it healthier, rather than cutting it (like this). Also, I think I'm gonna dye it dark blue or dark purple.. or maybe both? hmmm wadayou think?

SPECIAL NEWS!!! Larissa (from Velvet Codeine and her shop Miracle Eye) and I bought the same wigs. Now we are for realz twins. If you follow my twitter, or tumblr you probably know that I am mildly obsessed/in love with Larissa. Internet best friends!!! I just.. ahh I love her. Her style is so wonderful, and I love everything she comes up with. She often makes me super jealous with her cool outfits.. oh and she has her very own web shop (Miracle Eye) which I LOVE, and you should check out.. RIGHT NOW!!!

SO we decided to do a twinzies post.. with our identical wigs (which we got on ebay at the same time!! hehehe.)

Here is Larissa (lookin' amazing)
dress - thrifted
detachable collar - Miracle Eye
JC Tardys & jacket - her mom's
belt - hand me dowwwn 
wig - ebay

Annnd here I am:
 shirt, skirt, shoes - thrifted
socks - dollar section at Target!
wig - EBAY BABY!


hope you have a good weeeek!


  1. Woooo! Best collaboration post in the history of collaboration posts.. You look freakin' amazing. AND HOLD UP NOW, DID YOU JUST SAY THOSE CREEPERS ARE THRIFTED?!!!!! Take me to your thrift store!!! Ugh that shirt. I feel like making a copy of that one just to satisfy my craving for it although that one will be 100000x better than mine will ever be.

  2. you look lovely, your denim skirt rocks. and the wig is AWESOME!!


  3. Love how you're so experimental with your hair! :D
    Looks great! Hope you've been well Isabel. <3

  4. Love the hair, my favourite colour! You look great with the wig's cut!! Have a great week too! xx

  5. I have fallen in love with your blog, your hair, and your wacky style

  6. You girls look great! I love how you look in long hair, you definitely should grow your hair

  7. SO CUTE! Both of you look great in the wigs! I love that you styled them so differently but still both look amazing.

  8. You guys look rad in blue! Love your outfit, lady. And what Larissa said- those are thrifted? No freakin way! Awesome.

  9. great post <3 i love how you look with long hair! i think dark purple could be awesome ;)
    have a great week isabel :)

  10. Isabel, you look like some sort of mermaid. A jesus shirt and creeper wearing mermaid. I love Larissa's blog. I am still amazed that she is marvellous. Them Tardys look great on her. I like the black! I'll stick with my red babies, though. You should absolutely dye your hair a mixture of purple and blue! That would be amazing. My friend dyed hers a kool aid-y blue hue and it looks so fabbity fab. DO IT. By the way, I <3 U

  11. Ah yes, Larissa is really cool, the posts she leaves on my blog are very entertaining. She's also very clever for her age. But you, Isabel, are awesome too! The wigs are great. I have six of them, all from ebay.

  12. You two are effin cool and cute in blue wig hair! Aooww! Love both your outfits. Seriously followinn blog flow.

    xx Jacqueline

    btw bomb ass shirt, I dig it

  13. Ha! The blue wig suits you :) You must be a very cool person to hang out with! I see major laughs all the time :) Loving the creepers as always!

  14. I'm commenting a second time, that seems weird, but I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a post to do a new years survey. you can check out taht post to see what to do if you like.

  15. I am loving your mermaid locks Ariel, so svelte ! Long locks definitely suits you well dear ! And I love those socks paired up with those creepers, so cute. xo

  16. your a bit cool eh? liked!

  17. The wigs look so good!!
    Jazz xo

  18. the wigs are amazing, such an electric colour. I totally applaud the socks and creepers. all of this unique style is blowing my mind!