The Grouch

For the first time I am watching the Oscars, I'll let you know what I think via twitter.. Do you get my joke, with the title?

Anyways.. I got 2 pairs of colorful pants today. wooptido.


sweater, skirt, shoes - thrifted

ok well, I haven't seen any of the movies of the Oscars except for Harry P, so.. ermm so far so awkard.



  1. I just finished watching the Oscars while packaging all the Miracle Eye orders made on the weekend.. Umm, I couldn't really relate to anything. I haven't been to the movies in foooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrever. Music award shows are probably the only kind I could slightly be informed and knowledgeable about on the nominations. YOUR SKIRT. IT'S. PERFECT.

  2. I love your hair here, SO much. Also, I keep hearing a voice in my head stating "Ghost World. Ghost World. Ghost World.", while looking at these photos.

  3. My boyfriend and I watched some of the oscars and he was thinking, they would be soo boring to attend every single year. Don't really care too much about hollywood myself these days. Anyway, this outfit is lovely and thank you for the very thoughtful comment on my blog. Seeing as I enjoy your blog so much, I decided to link you on mine :) Oh and DON'T WORRY, I'm not asking for a link exchange haha.

  4. i love your sweater and that wallpaper!! wallpaper creeps me out but in a good way, like 70's horror film good :)haha anyways cool blog!

  5. love love love! you are my idol! jajjaja

    sos divina!!