kids werkin'

Remember my internship (working with an interfaith/leadership youth group) from this summer and fall? Well, yesterday was the youth's big day of service (that they plan on their own). Over 300 middle and high school students came together to work on service projects and learn about other faiths, and about how to have healthy relationships with people who share different views than them. I think it is important to get youth to come together and work towards a common goal while celebrating the fact that they ARE diverse and different. I think that young people don't always realize how new a concept such as interfaith cooperation is. I think it is the way of the future.. people being accepting of others how they are and becoming powerful together, while celebrating our diversity. 

ok, now onto something more trivial...

 actually, no, side note:
I sometimes feel as though fashion blogging is a meaningless hobby and that some may think I am self obsessed (I promise I am not!). For me the way I dress is a way that I can express myself and let out my creativity. I have come to realize that self care is very important in order to feel whole - this blog is one of the ways I keep myself excited about life.

now onto outfits...

(in case you've missed any of my most recent posts.. here is more of my friend Jake)

 e'rthing thrifted


 everything - thrifted

have a good weeeek!



  1. I totally agree with you as far as seeming self obsessed, and how it helps keep you excited about life. I'm the same way!

  2. I come from『Look Book』
    Nice blog<333

  3. Miss Isabel you're so pretty and your clothes are so cute.. Jake's nice too but you're so pretty!! =p

  4. looove the glasses and the green hair! xx


    me encanta tu sentido de la moda, tus conjuntos nunca son seguros y eso es lo que amo de ti!!



  6. I totally agree about how fashion can be such a huge form of expression and personality! Same for blogging (about fashion). It has nothing to do with beeing self absorbed.

    Love these outfits! And you look beautiful with you hair like that! You really should wear it that way more often. Or go all Twiggy and cut it of! Hhahaha x