Look at me go!!!

dangskiez, I'm getting all good at this posting frequently and stufff... go izzy go izzy go izzy. Did you know that is one of my main nick to the names? word. dig it. 

I went to Home Depot lookin' like dis:


lolz this is what I normally look like on a daily basis:

velvet sweater - grandma's old
shirt & rosary - Value Village
skirt - h & m
tights - We <3 Colors
boots - Demonia

OK! have a good weekend everyone!!!!



  1. Dang you are so curvy and I am LOVING ITTT. Gahhh please wear bodycon skirts every day, because you rock it. ♥

    I am rendered dazed by the mixture of patterns and colours, in the best way. That shirt is wicked cool!

  2. i am sickly in love with you boots! this is the start of a very unhealthy relationship.


  3. girlllllll you are rockin' this outfit.
    you look like the derp face meme in that photo where you're all loopy :')
    that picture where you're holding your cat up is amazing. seriously. never throw that photo away. i mean it. okay. too many periods. .. BLOOD. VAGINA. PUNCTUATION.

  4. woo i freakin love it! fluoro red skirt! yes! tights! yess! gold top! yes! chunk yboots! yesss!blue hair! yes! cat! yeesss!

  5. love these photos so fun! glad to have found your blog... tis a sweet thing in this blog world to stumble across someone who makes you smile in big a$$ boots and zig zag tights! love it grrrl xo

  6. Wow, you look great! Love the outfit!

  7. love love love love ur style!! and this shoes!! amazing!!

    you rock!




  8. Colours, tectures, patterns, CAT-
    This post is making feel with ill with its awesomness.

  9. Always so quirky and cool! love your hair right now and that cat


  10. Let's take a trip to Home Depot and buy a bath tub. Hahaha I don't know...
    Anyway, you're killing it with the boots and your kick ass hair! Ugh, i wish I could have a wig of your hair 0_0

  11. I can't get over how insae these boots are <3

  12. Okay I though I'd already commented on this...maybe I looked at it without commenting? Anyways, cat. those tights. ugh those shoes ahh jealous. cat again. You are the most adorable thing ever. Also, I am still thinking about the collaboration and stuff. Hopefully I will get back to you some time this weekend!!!!!! Anyways, I hope you have a groovy friday and such! <3

  13. okay i love this outfit!! i really like how you mixed patterns and textures and stuff, this looks awesome!! and that sweater, ahhhh i love velvet, thats awesome it was your grandmas, lucky ducky you, its so adorable!!!