me & mi amigo

heeeeello world! 
Recently I have been obsessed with matching up prints and colors and what not soooo...I definitely scared some people at Costco with this outfit:

 everything thrifted!! head to toe!!

Don't worry I haven't forgotten that I promised you all more photos of my bff Jake. Here he is rockin' an all thrifted outfit.. love this guy:

gosh, isn't he just.. the best? ever? so in love.

I am planning on dying my hair SOOOON cuz I am supah tired of it right now. . . suggestions?!



  1. I wish everyone at Costco dressed like you it would be such a wonderfully happy world! Anyhow I love your outfit mixing that jacket with those pants idk what to say other then its just amazing I love it! Jake looks amazing too! Love his outfit!


  2. FRICKIN love those pants! I also want Jake's boots...

  3. ! <3 ! I loooooove this mixy printy thing! They work so well. I especially want to steal them pants gurl. ugh this comment is getting creepy. Okay. Why do I not have an awesome Jake-ish friend? You are lucky. He is rad. So much love.

  4. HOLY SHIT your blazer and your pants and your everything and Jake and just PERFECT EVERYTHING PERFECT PERFEFCTTAEFADSFdfsaf

  5. Hah this is great. Those pants are rad and I swear to god I had a skirt made of the exact same fabric when I was in high school. Red leopard forever xoxo

  6. LOVE the jacket it looks so lux! Looks great paired with the red pants.