my favorite dream

yo yo yo mah bros. 
I think I am addicted to ebay... I am on there constantly.. I swear. If you need me to keep an eye out for something you've been wanting.. hit me up, because honestly I LOVE looking through everything and finding deals that are THE BOMB! I have been ordering things a lot lately.. eep! can't wait for everything to come!!

While I was sprinting to the bus I head a crew of young men mumbling the words of Bad Romance (by Lady Gaga) and as I turned to see who it was that was singing, I realized that the kind gentlemen were singing at me.. whahahahat?? I think it was my demonia boots <3


dress - thrifted
boots - Demonia

Ok so some exciting news will come soon..

have a good weekend <3



  1. I was about to go to bed but then I saw that you made a post soooooo now I'm commenting on this creepily quickly...I looooove this ahhhh. I wish people would sing Gaga at me. Or Nicky Minaj. What does it mean?? Anyways the boots are the radest things on the face of the planet! I love the dress, too and the camo top looks sweet underneath! I am starting to like camo. I never thought this would happen! Anyways, I hope you have a super duper Friday! <3

  2. This outfit is fucking awesome girl! The dress and boots like soo amazing. YES! E-bay is seriously sooo good! I order so many socks and tights from there, it's great. I love watching things haha and finding interesting things you just know you won't be able to find in 'real' life. Ah the delights of the internet. Ah, I've been compared to Gaga before... it pisses me off, to be honest. It's kind of annoying that she's the only 'unique' person people know of and can reference.

  3. Ha! I love ebay too, you find some great things on there!! xx

  4. Dude I hope you were serious about your offer to look out for stuff on eBay, because I've been looking for a pair of shoes like the Moon Spoon Saloon x Buffalo sneaks (in overall shoe design, not really the patterning or anything) for cheap. All I can find on eBay is Converse knockoffs. Hell, it doesn't even have to be eBay, I'm that desperate for a pair of shoes like this! Do you think you can hook me up sometime? ♥

    That little dress is so bangin! It looks so metallic and velvety and guhhh. ♥ You are looking AWESOME in it.

  5. They also once called/call me Lady Gaga ! You ROCK ! And he Demonia boots are AWESOME ! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. I am just like Kat!!! If I see a new post up right before I go to bed when I refresh my Blogger dashboard, I creepily comment.. Heh. You look beautiful! How flattering! I wish people sang songs to me.. They'd probably be really insulting songs though, so I actually take that back. I LOVE EBAY. I SWEAR. MORE THAN YOU. NO, I AM NOT KIDDING. I made my eBay account when I was 10 and started selling on there, then later began to go on 'online-shopping-sprees' when I purchased everything on my Watch List every Friday night with some delicious Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and an unreal solo by Dave Grohl in the backround.

  7. love this. so grunge. perfect. and the boots... well, i have a demonia collection that is threatening the rest of my closet :)

    love the video by the way.