WORD UP! how is it haaaanging?? 
Can I just take a few minutes of your time to tell you how much I love the Twin Cities? Seriously, best place, ever. It's like two distinct cities, in one. There is a huge variety of people in the Twin Cities, you can basically find anything/anyone here that you could find in a huge city. My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is to bike around town.. Minneapolis is the number one biking city in the nation, CHECK IT!

Another great thing about Minnesota is that even in the dead of winter people go out and do fun things (or bike). I went to two very "Minnesotan" events this past weekend. I went to the Art Shanty Projects, which is an interactive art exhibit of a little village of shanties on a (frozen) lake. Each house had a different theme. My favorite was the dance shanty, which was filled with Minnesotans getting down to "Hey Ya!" in all their winter garb. BEST THING EVER? I think yes.

I also went to the Winter Carnival in St. Paul, which is held at a park in downtown St. Paul. There are a bunch of ice sculptures in three categories, amateur, professional, and groups with more than just one slab of ice (they get 20 blocks I think). Anyways, the ice sculptures and the Shanty Projects were super fun and very Minnesotan.

Now, even though those both sound like very wintery-snowy-cold activities, it has actually been a REALLY mild winter. I have been able to bike around without getting stuck in snow or skidding on ice. My outfit today reflects the MN weather..

shirt - from Zach Freed <3
shorts - Value Village & DIY
belt - was my grandma's
shoes - ebay

 woah dang, sorry for how long this here post was, but I mean probably not everyone even read it, but thank you if you did. You made my day. PS I am thinking about doing a giveaway soon. woop woop.



  1. OH MY GOD why didn't I go to that art shanty thing? Oh man it sounds amazinggg! Love and miss you!

  2. Those art exhibitions sound so lovely!! Wish there was lots of interesting things going on where i live. Cute shorts too, plus i'm excited for this giveaway-eee!

  3. Really love your shorts and belt!

  4. I love the pattern on your belt, and those are some pretty fly kicks. ;)

  5. That out of focus picture is AMAZING.
    Stop being so pretty Isabel..

  6. ahh loving the shorts/shirt/belt combo.. basically I love your outfit :D mixing colors and prints is my favorite and you do it so well! also your hair looks damn good :D

  7. Love those shorts with that shirt!

    xo Jennifer

  8. I WANT TO GET DOWN TO HEY YA WITH A BUNCH OF MINNESOTANS AHH. Those shorts are still super fresh. I love the shoes featuring socks. This is lovely! Heck yes to giveaways, too! That guy talking about daddy long legs...what is he thinking? He is cray cray. I tend to be in love with insects. Especially the misfits types. It was pretty fricking funny, though. Also, how do I get sponsors? When I find a shop that I like, I send them an email! Sometimes they are really cool people and they like my blog, so they decide to sponsor me! I googled it a while ago and that's what the people of the internet said to do!

  9. I just found your blog and I am in LOVE!!! You mixed all the elements in this outfit amazingly! Love Value Village, love the shorts, love the shoes. Love.


  10. omg, i love ur shorts, and ur blue hair is so pretty!

  11. I didn't get a chance to go to the Winter Carnival! But my friend, who's the ambassador for our city, wouldn't stop talking about it! Cool outfit though! Maybe we'll run into one another at a Twin Cities art fair one of these days :)