Hello friends, how has your week been?

Today I got some amazing shoes in da mail, if I knew how instagram worked I would link you to where I uploaded a picture of them.. but I don't so I will just put the picture in.. here:

I got these bad boys from 33 Vintage.

Today I was going to go to my friend's house, and after I'd biked a few blocks I said to myself "auguhhh I should have just taken the bus, it's windy, I am not in a biking mood, my bike is kind of a peice of poop (i love you bb, dont be mad, it's the truth), and I almost just ran a squirrel over ON A BIKE". So after many an uncomfortable minute on my bike I decided to put my bike on the front of the bus and take the bus the rest of the way to my friend's place. Good idea? Not really! 

Isabel's ten easy steps to embarrass yourself on Public Transportation:
1. Decide to put your bike on a bus for the first time by yourself 
2. Put your bike on the rack in the wrong direction 
3. Switch the direction of the bike when you realize it is on backwards  
4. Get on the bus sweaty as heck 
5. After four blocks hope the bus driver says over the loud speaker "Who's blue and white bike is this?" 
6. Blush as you awkwardly mutter "me" and walk up to the front (walk of shaaaame) 
7. Have the bus driver tell you to secure your bike the proper way (tip: the little lever probably won't be ALL the way over the front tire, go outside and put the lever over the whole entire wheel) 
8. Awkwardly get back on the bus 
9. Try not to make eye contact with anyone 
 10. Cry yourself to sleep

Oh and it is extra fun if you are wearing a short skirt while doing all of that:


top - The Cobra Shop
skirt & necklace - Thrifted
shoes - Nike

Today is the day I will be random-numbering a winner for the giveaway! 
ready, set, go:

Severine (Clothed Chameleon)

Sorry if you didn't win, I will be doing something soon probz, and if you want whatever it is you didn't win, just get it from my Etsy Shop! HEHEHE!



  1. awwww girl that shit happens to me EVERYDAY.. i feel you on the 'and it's ALL SUPER EXTRA NICE if you're wearing a short skirt or denim shorts or short dress' you look so good in camo dude. man those shoes ARE TO DIE FOR. i remember seeing them on etsy a while ago but then they SOLD and i was like 'damn whoever bought those! damn in HELL!' but now i see it might have been you and i don't want you to damn in hell.. just heaven.


  2. I want those shoes!! =)

  3. I've had many an embarrassment with bikes on the bus. I had to chase down a bus once when I forgot to take the bike off the front. Not fun. Plaid and camo are an unexpectedly awesome combination! I love it! And those shoes are fantastic.

  4. I have never done that on the bus but it sounds like exactly what would happen to me. I feel your pain, I am constantly embarrassing myself, especially on the phone, yeah I'm phone retarded. But seriously dude for shiz thank you for this post I have been sooooooo needing some fashion inspiration lately and I am totally in love with this plaid and camo combo! Also the platforms are AMAZING!! <3

  5. Hahaha this is why I never take buses. Whenever I do I feel like a little kid who can't handle her own life. By the way I am so in love with those leopard print shoes, you don't even know. They look like a bitch to walk in, but ohhh so worth it.

    China Lily

  6. Your new shoes are awesome HAWT hawt !!!

    Well at least you didn't have to go in the wind and you got there quicker !! Positive side !!

  7. I just found You!
    you're totally badass!
    I would have smiled and hummed through it all and made everyone uncomfortable :giggle:



  8. AWWW, shit.. buses are so bad for things like that. I've embarrassed myself on a bus SO many times! because it's hard as hell to balance on them when you're not sitting down. Actually, once on a tram, I completely fell on to some random guy with a business suit on, fuck.. I was so mortified. I think I said sorry like 50 times in about 30 seconds. I loooooooove your new shoes!! They remind me of a pair Audrey Kitching wears in a particular photo.

  9. first off, THOSE SHOES. they deserve a moment of silence....

    okay, secondly...I think we are awkward soul mates?? literally sounds like you stole a clip from my life. and reading this post just made me laugh giddily (out loud no less) all while nodding as if I was right there experiencing the embarrassment with you. and your outfit?! O.O ***~*~*sighhhhhh<3333

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  11. Ha! Yeah, that has definitely happened to me before.