busy busy

Hello world; those who read my blog, wonderful, wonderful people. Hello.
Yesterday I bleached my hair, made some sweet moolah, spray painted, wore a black wig, got kicked out of my house by a cranky realtor (our rental house is for sale and they keep booting us out to show it to potential buyers -_-) and my family celebrated my mom and grandma's birthdays! All in all a pretty good day. 

These are photos from a couple days ago, obviously not with my new bleached hair.. hehe

shirt/dress - from my childhood!!
jacket - mom's old
shoes - thrifted

Not sure if you knew this about me, but when I was little all I wanted was to be Asian. When adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded (quite sincerely) "ASIAN!" Alas, I am still not Asian, but I can still fit into this top/dress which I wore as a full length dress when I was little. Although, I did have to cut the sleeves off in order for my arms to fit.. hehe!

Errmmm I hope you have a good weekend!
oh, also, follow Kat on twitter. she is hilarious, especially on Saturday mornings... hehe



  1. Dude, EVERYONE is bleaching their hair now. I'm kinda loving it, I think we need to make a Bleach Blonde Brigade or something. Unnatural blondes unite!

    I am so loving the dual coloured hair here, and it goes with the shirt really well! I've always wanted to pick up one of those shirts at the mall nearby, but I can never figure out what I could wear it with... You're giving me some ideas now!

    Woah wait up, is that a plug to my twitter, I see? You are way too awesome, Isabel! ♥ Haha, pressure's on now, I hope I don't disappoint!

  2. I have a dress from when I was little that I still fit in also! It's pretty short and not kimono-y or anything, but I've though about wearing it in a look (it's formal, so it's kind of silly) great minds think alike! ;D

  3. So loving this <3 I totally wear little girl dresses as shirts sometimes but I wish I was cool enough to have something from my childhood that I could wear in a new way!!! Loving your hair here and excited to see your bleached hair! OMG I have spent the last few days wishing I still had some of those fantastic chokers from my youth and here you are reading my mind and wearing one! I need to get me some of those!



  4. you are so freakin amazing, seriously. and your choker brings me back to my elementary school daysss, wahhhh I want onee.


  5. Awww *high five* we are Asians in our hearts!!
    I can't believe it'd still fit you (as a top of course), but damn! You were TINY!!! Hehe.
    I already follow Kat on Twitter, that girl is hilarious and thinks just like I do.. I love it.
    I agree with her comment up there! I'll be hopefully bleaching my hair soon and we should totally create like a pact or something, it would be so rad.

  6. I wanted to be a mermaid when i grew up, i'm still working on it. also, when is grown up? hmmm...
    I can't wait to see this bleached hair, I can only imagine the awesomeness now!

  7. I love the dress and shoes :)


  8. you're outfit is so rad & those shoes are incredible!


  9. Aw, when I was younger I used to wish I was half Japanese, not sure why, I think I just thought half asian people were very exotic looking, and I always thought I was fuglay, so I guess, like most young girls.. I wanted to be a prettiful princess~~ haha, lame. Anyway, sounds like you had a very eventful day, can't wait to see your new hair.

  10. you're so cool... that jacket is amazing I've been looking for a suede one like that! also I am linking to you as one of my favorite blogs on my blog. I'm kinda just starting so it's not really going to bring you any biznass but I like your blog a whole lot :)

  11. thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Your hair looks awesome! I would love to dye mine green or blue but it probably wouldn't survive the bleaching.. anyway, yours looks great and I love your rings too! xx


  12. love that you have such a unique style! I actually have a dress like that from my childhood too, but sadly enough it wouldn't fit me anymore ha ha ha..