So remember how I said I can't spend any money.. yeah well it is hard because there are some things I would really like to do, but involve money. I want to get my Guadelupe tattoo, I want my septum pierced, and I think I want my ear lobes pierced. I've never actually had my ears pierced, like the normal kind of ear piercing. I had my cartilage pierced, but never the lobes. Basically the only reason I want to have my ears pierced is so that I can wear huge gold hoop earrings and earrings with my name in them. I also really want micro braids, but they are very expensive, so those I will be waiting for for a while. In the mean time I want to get black high-lights/low-lights. You know, like Xtina had in the early 2000s? WANT.

So, I've made an Etsy account, as you might know.. Basically it is the bomb, hah! I am all about thrifting and finding good deals and so I feel really proud that all of my prices are reasonably priced.

This dress is one of the dresses for sale at my Etsy shop:

Dress - My Etsy Shop

ok, there is a giveaway soon boiiiz and goyls. just you wait.. juuusstt youuu waiiiiiit.



  1. I know what you mean.. I want to do so many things, but they all involve spendin' monaaay.. I also have like this weird addition to shopping online. Especially on eBay and Etsy. Fuck.. That shit is like my drug, I swear. I don't like going into stores on the street, except for thrift shores. I love online shopping. Love love LOVE it. Can't wait for the giveaway + you look gawjuss

  2. oh my god, your descriptions on etsy are perfect!

    'If you ever wanted to feel like a flower goddess just wear this crochet vest while you garden.'

    how'd you just read my soul like that?!

  3. oooh so exciteddd to check out your shop! You look so beautifulllll, this dress + boots combo is a dreeaaamm!


  4. awesomeness... i love etsy! gonna go check it out now...


  5. I saw a girl on the train yesterday who looked like you when you had longer hair. I was like, 'oh wow it's Isabel, I should go say hi!' then I remembered that you live a totally different country. and your hair is shorter now.

  6. Dude, totally digging the xtina hair idea. Seeing as my hair is basically black, I've actually been thinking about dying the roots till the middle white blonde. Not sure though.. I'm afraid of the damage.

  7. yay for Etsy! I could (and do) browse for hours on there, just way too much good stuff! can't wait to see what else you put up there, love '90's stuff. I'm trying so hard not to spend money either, but it's sooo hard when everywhere I look there's awesome stuff! But I'm actually working on my vintage store, so hopefully that will keep me motivated from spending on myself. You should totally do the hair, you could rock it! And I want a new tattoo so badly! :)

    Beneath the Glass

  8. beautiful dress and I adore the necklace!

    As always I love your outfits.. are unique