Ms. Jackson

Finally I am posting again! woof. I lacked any inspiration the past couple of days.. But I am back and at it, haha! I am really ready to move, and get a job so I can get a few items I am really lusting over... I know that it isn't great to just want more THINGS, but I am trying to get rid of other clothing, and THINGS so I will be a bit more minimal in LA.

As I was editing these photos the worker's next door had the radio on and "I would walk 500 miles" (by The Proclaimers) was playing, which made me want to listen to it on youtube, which led me to listen to "Wasn't Me" (by Shaggy), which led me to clicking "Ms. Jackson" (by Outkast), (hence the title).. oh the joys of getting lost in youtube...



  dress - courtesy of Sugarlips Apparel
choker - thrifted
boots - Demonia

I got this dress from Sugarlips Apparel. Woohoo, it is super nice! As you might know I have been super into mucho colors lately and this dress fits in perfectly with all the vibrant colors! Thank you Sugarlips!!


  1. Love the bright dress with the black boots and collar! Plus that wall behind you is so fun yay stickers!

  2. hey ms jackson i think this dress was made for you! xo

  3. Ms Jackson that dress is for real! Yayy Cali love!

  4. those boots are so magical! and i totally got lost watching outkast videos on youtube yesterday too! gahd they're so good. That dress makes me think of molecules and abstract expressionism, which sounds like a weird combination, but i assure you, is totally awesome.

  5. Boodle that makes me feel so old because I was definitely in high school when Ms. Jackson came out. And now it's a throwback! Also you are a babe. Love you sweet girl and excited to hear more about this LA move... xoxo

  6. i'm pretty in love with your style!!