pumped up layerz

Wow, I am so pumped about this Long Beach endeavor. Like, I actually feel SO wonderful, and I haven't felt this excited in such a long time. Now I need to find another job in Minneapolis, ASAP!! So I can save up all my money and not buy anything (except necessary things, but like NO THRIFTING! must.not.go.to.value.village) and save all my money from my jobs and MOVE! wow. I think I will be leaving in June? Not super sure.. but anyways I am so pumped. (I will definitely miss Minneapolis & Saint Paul though, and today made me realize again how much I love it here - the weather was perfect!)

That being said.. on to clothing which is the main focus of this blog, haha. Lately I have been layering long sleeves under dresses and anything else I can find.. t shirts, tank tops, whatever. Very '90s of me, right?

top - The Cobra Snake
dress & shoes - thrifted

The other day a friend said this metaphorical quote about different times during life; "There is a reason for every season of the year". This saying has really stuck with me. I don't mean in a everyone's life has been planned out before they came out of their mother's womb way. I mean that in a way like, you are able to value the happy times, and the exciting times more when you have been through a dark time. I really feel so much better about my life; I feel like I have control of my life and that I am going to go on great adventures!!



(ps get the title? pumped up? and layers... 
yeah ok, maybe, is it a stretch? whateva I think it makes sense...)


  1. love the color combo... and your hair is super cute. moving is very exciting, i'm a gypsy kind of grrl so moving always sounds like a great adventure to me. i live in l.a. not too far from long beach... we can go thrifting! haha!

  2. The white creepers <3 If i could find them online for less than forty bucks (which i cant, they're so expensive!) I would snatch them up in a heartbeat.

  3. That is an amazing dress looks great with that top! Love the bleached hair!



  4. Inane comment sorry: I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. (And hair, and glasses.)

  5. i love the layers, the way you've put the different colours together is really cool too! also love the creepers and the necklace!


  6. When I noticed that your top was from the cobra snake shop, I thought that it was very fitting. I think your style is kind of similar to those cool looking girls in the photos, that is definitely a good thing! because they always manage to look awesome. AAh, I'm so excited for you, moving would be amazing! Good luck with the saving :)