Bugle Boy

Hello my friendssss. This week (and last week as well) my family and I have been moving into our old house. We had a fire in November and we are FINALLY able to move back in. wooooooohoooo. only that means that I will be moving twice in less than 2 months. ehh whatever. 

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I got a package full of tie dye the other day woop woop and these socks were some of the many wonderful items!!

top - DIY
shorts & belt - thrift
socks & shoes - ebay

This top/sweatshirt with no sleeves is the sweatshirt I was wearing a couple posts back, my sister used to wear it like everyday so when she was going to get rid of it I changed it a lil bit and now vuaaalaa (ps just had to google how to spell voilà the right way.. don't know any french...)

Weeeeyyyyllll I hope you have a nice evening, day, morning whatevahhz.. and if you have a job in LA give it to me please. thank you.

peaaaaceee ouuuut duuuudeeez.


  1. love it... your hair matches your socks and that rocks :)

  2. Your hair! I haven't been on your blog in a while apparently! I love it. It looks so fabulous. Also, random question for you, I was wondering where you got your template for your blog? I really like it and am wanting to adjust mine to something similar with the tabs on the top!


  3. Ughh, your hair! I can't get over how amazing it is! And I love that DIY shirt!! WICKED!!!!

  4. Fantastic! Love the sweatshirt and the socks!

  5. woot woot yeah moving to LA! just get here already, you know? We can eat snacks and make arrested development jokes.

  6. Package full of tie-dye? how exciting! I moved four times last year.. I found it kind of, err, fun.