Con College

Hello friends.

Can I just say, wow. thanks world for a good day?! I sent off a package to a lady who bought something offa my Etsy shop, and then I sent two friends packages. I am so excited and I want to say what I sent them, but I will wait, it's a surprise!! hehe. Blogger buddies are seriously the best thing ever invented. THANK YOU BLOG GODS FOR BLOGGER BUDDIES. <3 <3

Also thank you for Grimes, and thank you for my wonderful reception job. I am going to miss this job TONS. I love it, I get to talk with fun people all day and the staff who work here are the best.. ahh true love. HIRE ME AS A RECEPTIONIST L.A.!! haha I love doing it, and I am pretty good at it, IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.

Today I jingled through downtown MPLS due to the little chimey bells on my dress, and my heels echoed against the walls of the buildings in downtown. All in all a good day. 

 dress, vest - vintage
pants - american apparel
boots - thrift & DIY

Sorry I am not sorry that I wore the same pants and shoes twice in a row on my blog. HAH! take that world, IT'S MY LIFE, NOT YOURS!!!

The title comes from Trailer Park Boys (again) seriously that show completes my life. THANK THE TRAILER PARK GODS THAT THERE ARE MULTIPLE SEASONS TO PLEASE MY DESIRES. Seriously, watch that show people!!!!

hehe. hope you have a wonderful DAY!!!

<3 <3



  1. i love your itens vintage , oww <33333

  2. YOUR SHOES!!!!! You must send them to me! i fell in love!

  3. love how original your style is - those boots are insane. love them!


  4. YES blog budz. hah that was pretty fun to type. also: YOUR BOOTS! soo intergalactic. I'm gonna have to work really hard not to steal them off your feet when you come to LA.

  5. Different, I like very much , kisses

  6. I love seeing people repeat things in outfits on blogs, it makes everything a lot more real and besides.. part of being good at dressing yourself is using your items repeatedly but making them look 'new' each time.

  7. ★ (・∀・)

    love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.

    my blog ( ´∀`)σ :

  8. Your boots are amazing. I would so not care if you wore those every day for the rest of your life.
    Also, I love the vest-and-dress pairing you have--those prints are MINDBLOWING.

  9. i lovelovelove these boots... i think i need some silver boots in my life.... maybe that has been the problem all along haha

  10. trailer park boys = greatest. as are your boots!

  11. Those boots are so cool! I need to get me some spray paint!