Living in the City

Hello there friends. 
So, I made a full on PAGE for inspiration.. i.e. bloggers who I love. You should check it out, because it is really a grouping of the best of the best bloggers. (well, what I THINK are the best...)

Today I have been busy non-stop. I helped out setting up a dinner for my church for the Maundy Thursday service & dinner. I feel like I should address this.. I don't get asked things anonymously, like EVER, on tumblr or formspring. The only time I can remember that I did get asked something anonymously was someone asking if I was religious.

I grew up in a religious setting; both of my parents are Presbyterian pastors. My dad was serving at a church when I was born in San Francisco, and then he got a call to a church in Minneapolis and we moved here. I have been involved with interfaith activities during high school and college. I guess I am not super sure of what to call myself; I am definitely spiritual. I think that religions are not inherently bad or good. People make their religions bad or good. Community is what I value most about church, I love talking with old ladies, and running around the building with little kids, and chilling with high schoolers. The church I attend is super diverse as far as ages, which is awesome. One of the things that I know I believe is that everyone should be aloud to believe what they want. I do not shove theology down anyone's throat, and I do not tolerate others doing the same. I love learning about what other people believe and practice. I do find it pretty sad that a fair amount of young adults have super strong negative opinions against religion, like I said religions are not inherently good or bad. I wish that people wouldn't judge others if they are religious, or not religious.. Bleeehh ok enough of this. Basically I think people should chill out and not judge people without meeting them.

Here is me today, I was in downtown all day, also my church is located in the heart of downtown. 

top & pants - thrift
shoes - ebay

Alrighty, I hope you have a good rest of your day, and if you are celebrating Easter or Pass over, I hope it is a good holiday for you.



  1. I love your little rant on religion I totally agree everyone has a right to believe what they want and we should all just be more open and understanding on both sides. Any-hoo love your outfit as always and those vintage jeans are so sweet!

  2. oww i love the look vintage !!! ooh good

  3. I love your shoes they are awesome !! They kinda remember me like Robyn's platforms !

  4. Haha I know what you mean- imagine the looks & attitude I get when I tell people I'm Muslim, lol! People try & 'save' me from it, as if it's a bad thing rofl! xD

  5. I agree with you! It frustrates me when people make fun of other people's religion! I think it is very important to have beliefs and even though I am not particularly religious, I can still respect what other people believe in. I kind of wish I were more exposed to religion. Anyway, this outfit is rad. Those pants are crazy cool and they fit you very nicely! The boots are generally badass. I luv ya.

    1. Oh. Also, the fact that I am on your inspirations page makes me feel so full of joy! Honestly! Thank you so much!

  6. I love your top! I understand why a lot of people are so angry about religion because I have a lot of queer friends and I have heard religious people say the worst most horrible things about them. But I understand that those are the people, not the religion. I'm glad you're so open minded, if only everyone could be like you.

  7. ahhh I love this outfit. and your hair is rad.
    I totally agree with you about the whole religion thing, and I'm really glad you brought it up because it seems like the only time religion is discussed on blogs it's bashing it. I'm actually pretty religious, and sometimes I feel almost like an outcast at school and such because people seem to be even more anti-religion nowadays. (especially with the popularity of Tyler the Creator and all of that) of couse I don't try to hide it, because it is a part of me, I just wish people weren't so close-minded to the idea of religion.
    But anyways, thanks again for bringing that up, it was really refreshing :)

  8. I agree with you about religion. Sometimes it's like people think your mean if you don't believe in god or if your not sure thats pathetic. I just think it's hard to make up your mind about something that big. Your hair is possibly the coolest hair I have ever seen and I live your boots:)Excellent blog

  9. Thank you so much <3

    aaaw I love your hair and your pants!! <3

  10. ok so first, THANK YOU so much, i feel super honored to be on that page! I had one of those 'oh my god you like me toooo' moments.

    second: religion is such a touchy subject these days. I think the problem is that a lot of people, both religious and not, refuse to look at the other point of view. personally, I come from a jewish background, but with that, I don't think anyone in my immediate family believes in god. (we're science people) I totally understand why people do believe in a higher power, and I guess I'd classify the cosmos as the higher power I believe in.

  11. I basically agree with what everyone else said about the religious topic. I love your hair and the entire outfit btw, there is something about those shoes that is so.. epic. Happy Easter, my family is Orthodox so we're celebrating it next week. I'm going to go check out those blogs now :)

  12. That's a very interesting way to think about religion, just the idea of community being touching! I am one of those "ehhhhh..." people when it comes to god-talk, so it's nice to hear someone explain why religion, and not just faith or spirituality, has a positive impact on their lives!