one month, baby.

Hello! Today was pretty wonderful! I did a photo shoot with a photographer I know (here is his site), it was so fun! I styled and modeled three different looks.. it was in this amazing refurbished warehouse in NE Minneapolis. yayayyayyy! Anyways, if you follow me on any of these social networky thingys then you might have seen a bit of this outfit, anyways it was the first one I styled. It was inspired by Ricky from Trailer Park Boys..the best show ever.

Here is a video of him:

top & jewelry - thrift
pants - american apparel
boots - ebay (only 17 bucks!!)

(let's see how often Izzy can wear her disco pants...)

I move to LA in ONE MONTH! I AM SO EXCITED. To quote myself on formspring: 
I don't think I can express how excited I am to move to LA via the internet. Everyday I think about it, heck every hour I think about it multiple times. I dream about it (literally), google map different neighborhoods, stalk Madeline's blog to find cool stores that I will check out, I go on craigslist and apply to jobs even though it is probably too for that, I plan out how much money I need each month and how much I will need to make hourly in order to be alright money wise, and I look up dogs and cats that I want once I get there, and I talk to my bff sarah everyday about how excited we are to move, we have a countdown, she even got a countdown app for this, I have ALREADY packed and I dont move for another month, basically I am super excited. 

peace out guyz. 


  1. you look sooo amazing and i'm still dying over your hair :)

    moving is so exciting... can't wait to hang out!

  2. absolutely love the top + jewellery! makes me wanna go thrifting... your hair is amazing and these pictures are great

  3. your face is flawless! I love your eyebrows

  4. You are beyond rad. And LA wow! I'm so jealous, it seems to be where all the cool people hang out... bare exciting! :D xx

    rebecca x

  5. Ahhh, you rock!

  6. you are such a stunner! um, YAY trailer park boys. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. the fact your outift is inspired by ricky just BLEW my mind. oh man.

  7. can't tell you how much I love those disco pants ;D I'm really excited for you, even though I'll miss being able to see you!!

  8. These photos are amazing,you look fantastic!

  9. These pics are awesome lady! you are going to fit right in in Cali!

  10. thats so exciting! love the hair xx

  11. your body... is insane! like I want a swap! please