Flowers, Fruit, and Plaid, OH MY!

Hello world. 
Welcome to my lair.

a few things from today:

I have sneezed countless times because my nose is really dry and my nose piercing is rubbing it and making me sneeze
I got a mouse in the mail (computer mouse)
I received a package from Quinn
The jacket that was in that package is literally perfect
I decided I love grunge, again..
I ate the same dinner two days in a row
I went on the computer for the first time in 3 or 4 days
I unloaded and unpacked a million boxes
I got some sweeeeeet African jewelry from this nice lady I know
I worked two jobs
I ate breakfast at my favorite bfast restaurant, The Bad Waitress (if you are in the Twin Cities GO THERE. yum. vegan sausage any one?)

so, that is my life. pretty interesting, RIGHT?

Here is another one of the outfits I styled and modeled at the photo shoot I did last Saturday:

floral crown - Fairy Godmother Sisters
skirt - thrift
boots - ebay

Oh, if you follow me on all those other places you might know my hair no longer looks like this, haha. I got it cut. here is a lil pic-y pic for you:

Also, yesterday my family had to put down my cat, Song. She was a good kitty, but she was really not doing well and was in a lot of pain.. so we did the humane thing to do I guess. It is just sad and hard to do, so here is a picture of her so you can all see my beautiful Songy-Wongy:


  1. This photos are sooo gorgeous! They're really lovely portraits of you :)I especially love the flowers.

    I like the new haircut! It's pretty flippin' cool

    Lastly, I am sorry to hear about your cat :( We put our family dog down a couple years ago for similar reasons. It was just the best thing for both of them. It feels so weird knowing that you're making the choice and wishing so badly you could keep them around, but you know that's only for your own benefit. Your cat looked exactly like my grandma's cat who is about a billion years old now. Well, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I really love your photos! You look absolutely beautiful.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your cat. I hope you have another snuggle-buddy to at least cuddle some of your sadness away. RIP Songy-Wongy! <33

  3. i am so sorry to hear about your kitty :( :( :(

    the styling in your photoshoot is perfect. seriously. just. amazing.
    i saw your new hair on instagram. i almost screamed with delight.

  4. Aw. Poor little song! I hope she is in a better place. <3
    WUT? How did you get the package so fast??? I am soooo glad you like it! We will have to coordinate a post. Yay! I am glad you love grunge again, too. Sometimes I try to stop loving it and I can't soooooo. Also these photos are so gorgeous! You have such beautiful lips! And, of course, YOUR NEW HAIR IS FAB!

  5. That floral crown is amazing! Also, your new hair cut is amazing also. I love the darker color on you!

    And lastly I am so sorry about your kitty :[ She was so cute! Its always so sad to loose an animal. My kitty I'd had since 1st grade died last year from cancer and it was such a horrible ordeal. I am sure you did what was best for your kitty though and that she is grateful.

  6. wow your style is so awesome! i am sorry about your cat, I am sure she is watching over you from cat heaven while eating huge bowls of cream.

  7. I love the color of the flower crown with the color of your hair! And I'm sorry about your cat, she looks like a Siamese. Those are my favorite cats :'(

    China Lily

  8. these pictures are beautiful! sorry about your kitty, she was a cutie :( x

  9. I'm so sorry you had to put your cat down. When I had to do that to my very old cat it was very hard for me but it's the right thing to do when your cat is in pain like that. On a happier note your outfit is perfect. I feel like I always say that, sorry for being lame lol, note to self find better more original compliments! Also your new hair is freaking rad! <3

  10. you are purrrrrrrrfection in that flower headband! and i lovey lovey your new hair!

    sorry bout your kitty :(

    lots of love your way!

  11. oh noooo song :( i hope you are doing ok... <3 i love love love your new hair!

  12. Love the look! It reminds me of something someone would wear in a Larry Clark film.

  13. you're killing this hairstyle girl!!<3

  14. hair so good.
    i love your outfit with the flower crown.
    you are the cats pajamas for sure.