L to the freakin' A


GOOD NEWS: WE HAVE A HOUSE!!! My friends and I officially have a home in LA. We are moving in 21 days!! (two 10-day segments almost) haha. I am getting like overly crazily excited. We will be moving to the highland park/mt washington area!! woop woop! Is it awesome there? Cuz if it's not, its about to get 3 people awesomer... woooooo!! Also, how could it not be awesome? Can't even wait. omg. We were looking for apartments and whatever, but this is a HOUSE with a yard, and a patio!! AIIII!!!

These are the last photos from the photo shoot I did a lil while ago.. My hair looks so different now baha!


(awww look it's me smiling!!)
top - Value Village
skirt - Heartbreaker
arm band - ebay
shoes - etsy

Ok, now I am off to continue packing, and unpacking, and sorting, and downsizing, and whatever. 

I cant wait to meet all my LA peeeepz.. YAYYYY!

peace ouuuuutttt 


  1. YAYAYVSDUIEHFWIOERFHJoi yess please can't wait!! I'm gonna make you have awesome barbecueing parties in your awesome yard.

  2. Freakin awesome!! Do you have a job there yet? Tell me all about it!

  3. you look so awesome! you are gonna rock LA!!!

  4. you're really pretty! and ofcourse love the outfit and hair! and LA sounds awesome.

  5. Holy cow! Awesome! A whole house to yourselves.. Gotta admit I'm kinda jealous. I've lived in this tiny apartment for over 7 years and will most likely not be moving out any time soon because Downtown LA is just way too damn expensive and we have to stay here due to my mom's work, my school, and Miracle Eye. Highland Park ain't tooo far from me! Right by Pasadena :) Can't wait to hang out with ya~! You look freakin' badass in these photos.

  6. Yay!!!! I'm so excited for you and super jealous wish I was moving to LA! So yeah you are just perfect literally when I first saw this outfit my first thought was I freaking love you!

  7. yay! again, these photos are SO stunning. what are you going to do when you get to LA? besides be awesome!?

  8. Highland park! My mom grew up there. Hope you like Mexicans hehe. It is a cool area, very inner city. Cant wait to see you paint the town red.


  9. Fuhhhck you are freaking adorable. I can't get over it. D'aww lookit you. ♥

    Save me and Kathryn a spot out there in California! I wish we were moving out there. :(

  10. Girl, your style is mad cool. diggin on it and lovin it.


  11. I love this Isabel! so cool and 90's :)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes :)