Mimesis. Crypsis. Dazzle.

Hello folks.

HOW'S it going? I hope well. The weather is finally nice in MN, thank the looooord! It had been gross and rainy for an unfortunate amount of time, and I used to like the rain, but now any rain longer than a half day gets me down. Living in the land of rain and gray (Portland, OR) really cramped my rain loving style, so now all of my love for rainy weather has evaporated (see what I did there?)

I was inspired by some recent posts of my blogger buddies (see inspiration page). Bravegrrl mentioned how she is "trying to live, rather than document living" which hit home. I need to remember to work on my passions IRL not just through the interwebz, do you know what I mean? I love blogging and the community is rad, but I want to immerse myself in actual fashion and styling opportunities. Since I am moving (in two weeks!) I think it is a perfect time for me to do a little bit of shifting in my life. I am going to focus on maintaining meaningful content on my blog, as well as continuing my road towards a less cluttered life style.

Brit posted about how fashion blogging can sometimes seem pointless, as I have mentioned in the past, I sometimes struggle with this same issue. She decided that we should use our blogs as a platform to help and educate about meaningful issues. This makes perfect sense to me. I have been trying to come up with ways to make this blog a bit more socially aware, helpful, and/or meaningful. The most obvious place to start is the written content on my blog. I have trouble writing; it is not my most favorite thing to do, but I am going to try harder to take the time to sit down and hash something good out.

Madeline once described me as someone who reminds her that dressing oneself should be fun. I had never found the right way to describe my aesthetic choices but this fit quite well. This description has come back to me multiple times specifically when I worry about trivial stylistic "problems". Getting dressed should be a fun and creative event each morning, I don't NEED any other items, or my hair to look a certain way. If I want something I should really take into consideration all of the reasons I would benefit from having it. I would like to giveaway more of my clothing and extra stuff. I have begun attempting to only buy clothing, household items and accouterment from places like Etsy so that I know my money is going to support an artist or small business owner.

I have substantially decreased the amount of clothing I own, and I plan to keep a minimal amount of clutter in my home in LA. I am also going to reuse/recycle clothing and other items as often as possible. My roommates practice this living style, so I think it will be an easy transition. Word.

Hopefully that made some sort of sense my mind just exploded a bit on this post.

top - the cobra snake
shorts, belt, shoes - thrift

THIS OUTFIT: This top is from The Cobra Snake and it is one of my favorite things I've ever owned. When I was little I always wanted camo clothing but my mom wouldn't let me get anything with any type of "war" feeling attached to it (this included any toy guns or water guns). SO now that I am a full fledged adult I have myself a wonderful camo shirt, but I understand the reasoning behind my mom not allowing war themed things in our house. My shorts are from Value Village, duh, where else do I get anything? They are my favorite pair of shorts, woohoo. My creepers are from a thrift store here in Minneapolis (NOT VALUE VILLAGE THOUGH! Can you believe it?!?!) I saw these when I was in uptown (a vaguely over-hyped neighborhood in Minneapolis). They were at a (also vaguely over-hyped) thrift store for I think around 20 or 30 dollars, which is a good deal for creepers. The one time that place has been fruitful they really hit a home run. Way to go guys, way to go. I actually got a romper there once but the zipper recently broke, but I digress.. This necklace appeared on a shelf in my room yesterday, so I assume that means it's mine now.

This post has been quite a bit longer than I usually post, but I really don't care. It's my blog and I'l do what I want, and if you only comment on my outfit and don't read my wonderful musings, that is YOUR loss buddy, not mine.


p.s. the title comes from the three different forms of camouflage


  1. Blerg. I am the worst writer ever, which is why I rarely write, but I think that its a good idea to try writing things that are important. I'll have to think about that some more...I agree...dressing should be fun and so should blogging. I kind of decided at the beginning that if I ever stopped enjoying it I'd shut it down or else it would just feel like a hassle but I really can't imagine my life without it. Also, I wish a pretty ankh would just appear on my self. wut.

    YES I KNOW I FEEL LIKE IT HAS BEEN FOREVER. I realized that on the weekend..I was like: "wait. where has Isabel been. my life is not complete...COME BAAAACK." I haven't been around much (in terms of social interraction(with anyone)) either. LOL high school is so fun!

  2. Awww Isabel! You look so wonderful.. Love dat cute ass shirt.

    ..see what I did there, too? ;)
    Of course I'm going to write my response to your writing. I agree with you -- Receiving comments solely based on what I wear and not what I write or ask (when I do so), really pisses me off.. What am I to them, then? Just a page of photos? Fuck you commenters who don't read what I write. And just write 'cute shoes! xx *insert link to personal blog*' Hhmm.. I think I've just found the new topic to my new post! I predict a small number of comments left on that post ;-)

    I totally loved what Brit wrote about how it is the duty for all bloggers who have a substantial number of followers, to write about something that is GOOD, meaningful, shit. Her and Madeline rock so much. I agree with Madeline. Sometimes when I go to thrift stores, I think, 'okay.. would Isabel wear this? would Madeline wear this? yes because this blouse is a bundle of fun and ridiculousness. *throws in basket*'

    You have no idea how many times I've tried to just have my closet revolve around main staples, but it's SO difficult, dude. Especially with someone like me who uses retail therapy like every fucking week through eBay, Etsy, thrift stores, flea markets, and just random places all around LA (you'll see what I mean by random places when you come here.. it's seriously hard to let a cool as hell $5 shirt at some random ass store pass you by). I love your creepers! That is most def a killer good price for them. I actually purchased a pair of lilac and white creepers on eBay (oh god.. see what I mean? eBay takes over lives) that are 1" like yours here. So excited to have them arrive. I seriously fucking love your hair here!!!!!!!!

    PS I will repeat what Quinn commented, ENJOY MY SHORT ESSAY SENORITA BONITA!

  3. Haha we kind of write the same. It's hard for me to sit and actually put something meaningful on my blog, but I aways have the thoughts of "this is sorta kinda pointless, maybe I should make it less pointless?" going through my mind whenever I write. And like you said, I'm going to try to work on that also. But like you also said at the end, it is still your blog or mine or anyone else's and at the end of the day, you just write what you feel. Pointless or not haha. Anyways, this outfit is banging of course. Loovve the cobra snake/the cobra shop. And I wish there was a thrift store over here in ole Bama that carried a pair or creepers. :( enough of my rumblings though, and good luck on your new transition to L.A.!


  4. Wow, how nice it is to see your thoughts as well as your fashion. Thanks for sharing that with us. I blog on here but I have the fashion sense of a blind triceratops so pictures are not forthcoming. You are good at both so never worry about who reads what. The people you want to see your thoughts will and those just hear to enjoy your beauty are OK too. I love to see your deep thoughts because, to me anyway, that just makes you more beautiful.

    Speaking of, because I am one of those fashion blog types :D, I think that look really works for you. I like the belt with the top, the shoes are really cool and those shorts are wonderful for showing off your fantastic legs! That second pic is my fave :D

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    I just want to say that your style of writing and flow of writing is really excellent. There are lots of well established writing company who can help you to fly your wings to the sky. All the best.

  6. What you've said about blogging etc makes SO MUCH SENSE to me. It's so difficult to write about meaningful things, at least for me. Also about dressing oneself, I tend to stress myself out sometimes when I can't think of what to wear despite having far from a shortage of clothing.
    And also your outfit is rad. Honestly. You look awesome, as always x

  7. first off, i love your writing style.. i feel like you are talking to me :)

    second off, i totally agree with the meaningful blog content. it can be difficult, but i think you (and everyone else for that matter) should just write, say and do what they feel. it's a blog, more specifically it's "your" blog so it should speak for you. i've kinda had a hard time with that lately. it's probably part of the reason i haven't blogged too much lately and am just trying to really experience things instead of document them... hmmmmmm.

    anyhow, i love your blog :)

    my favorite part of this look is YOUR HAIR! i love it! it reminds me of pippi longstocking xoxo

  8. ps... i'm totally down with the no clutter thing as well... do you think a clothing trade would be fun? i've been thinking about it for a while, but never really had a place to have one...

  9. this is fantastic. seriously. your writing is lovely, but i understand your sentiments. i have such a hard time articulating thoughts and feelings into words. i end up with riddles, and then get self-conscious. i am very new to the blogging world, and am really on the fence with it. baby steps. there are so many positives and negatives surrounding it, and i suppose its about figuring out how it works for you! i love photos but i so appreciate when bloggers use their blogs as a platform to raise awareness, or discuss pertinent issues. i think that this whole thing really could be a special. rather than a narcissistic, cookie cutter, blah blah blah kinda thing.
    moving on. you are, hands down, one of my favourite bloggers. i love that you stay true to yourself (so it seems) and dress for yourself. i think you are unique, witty and just darn lovely! i could go on, but alas it is coffee time. so on that note, stay awesome girl.
    peace out!

  10. WOOOORRRDDD. to everything. I have way too much stuff! perhaps it just looks that way in my tiny apartment. gahh the things i do to live by the beach. ANYhow, i totes mcgoats agree, real life should never be put on hold for blogging, hence my lack of posts in the past couple weeks. but i think that a good balance can be achieved. Also, my mom didn't let us have any "war stuff" either! i remember wanting to wear camo and not being allowed. somewhere between my two younger brothers, the gun bas was lifted, which lead to my being shot with airsoft and bb guns way too much. thanks mom.

  11. I left the necklace for you. It was Gma's

  12. Sorry about the camo ban. There was so much glorified violence everywhere that I could not participate in it by spending what little we had on it or toy weaponry. (That is why N's 'action figure' was a firefighter.)(fighterfighter)Oh the funny things we "tilt at."

  13. Yes yes YES! To everything you said! I love your writing style. Totally loving your idea of more meaningful posts I love fashion and pictures but it is nice to get more out of reading a post. Also I am working on living more minimally too. It's a big change but I think it will make me happier in the long run. As always I LOVE your outfit! Your hair is amazing! <3

  14. i love love love your hair as always! <3 i cant wait to see your new posts from LA! eeee! so exciting. you should give me tips for blogging because youre amaazing :D

  15. i love this look !it's fab!!!

    xoxo from rome

  16. i ALWAYS love your outfits but i really love reading what's in your mind. i think i was nodding my head in agreement the whole time i was reading. then laughed about the necklace appearing in your room. you got so much love waiting for you our here on the west coast! i cannot waittttt for your arrival! :)

    p.s. i can comment now! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  17. Ah, I also feel like I can't write to save for my life. Although, I truly think that you are a more than a decent writer! Everything you typed made complete sense to me. I also want to try and live with less clutter, think about the purchases I make more. I really try to think about the things I buy now. Before I just hit the 'order' button. It's so easy with online shopping to just waste money on items that you'll never wear. I've sold soo much shit on ebay in the past 6 months, it showed me how much money I've wasted on things I didn't need and didn't even really like that much. Last week I decided that I'm going to force myself to start saving at least $100 a week. It's a small start, but it will build up and force me to spend a little less. Excellent post Isabel! It got us all thinking.

  18. I like the camouflage top and your chain. Summer outfits are here to stay. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  19. Uh...I'm two weeks behind again on reading blog posts. I SUCK, as always.

    I'm so excited you're here so soon! Now?! Are you here yet?!?!?!?!

  20. Oh my gosh, how exciting that you're moving to LA! I hope it's a great adventure for you. I'm loving these goals of yours. You're such a good person, you really are. And I adore your creepers. And your shorts. And the camo. You look wonderful.

    May the force be with you.