this sure is a nice city to be in, ehhhhLA


I am in Los Angeles! It has been a crazy past few weeks with moving into my old house from the rental in MPLS to moving out of it again to move here.. but here I am now. I cant wait to explore more; so far I have stayed mostly in my neighborhood, but I went to the Melrose Trading Post with Larissa on Sunday. It was mind blowing-ly amazing. Both Larissa and I got some really great things, which Larissa kindly haggled down a bit in price. (I am not good at that yet, but I will get there!!)

here is one of my many LA outfits.. woohoo (the weather here is so great; it is cool in the morning and then it heats up and cools off again at night)

top & belt - thrift
jacket - mom's old (isn't it the BOMB?)
pants - Herbergers (For only $10 in their winter sale, hallahhh!)
shoes - ebay

The drive here was nice, long, and sleepy. My two roommates and I took three days  to get from Minneapolis to LA. Let's see if I can remember all the states we went through: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and then California! Seven states in three days, woo hoo!  We drove through Las Vegas and I absolutely hated it! I was excited to go through it but when we actually got there it was totally gross. We stopped at a gas station and I was harassed 4 times by the same guy -_- yuck. I'm sure there are better parts of Las Vegas but I sure didn't see them.

On the subject of harassment.. I've started keeping track of how many times that people sexually harass me. I wish that society taught guys that it is NOT acceptable to cat call at girls no matter what they look like/what they are wearing. I am keeping track for a little experiment to see how many times it happens in a month.

I want to end on a happy note, because I am really happy right now! LA is wonderful so far, I have conquered the bus system, I know where the nearest grocery store is to my house, and I have two rad roommates who want to explore with me! It is awesome so far, I cant wait to hang with more of my blogger friends, YAY!!! Tonight I had dinner and tea with Rachel! Yes, she is as cool in real life as she is on internet life. lolz. I am so happy to be in LA!!

(ps did you get my pun in the title? in MN ppl are supposed to say "ehhh" after everything, but I made it EHHH-LA, like LA. get it? get it? get it?)


  1. GIRL
    i love this. and i love you. and tea sounds wonderful right about now. those pants.. I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE (or at least see in person on ya)

    i'm digging the duck in the second to last photo. it ROCKS. heh, puns are always the best.. i think you caught me saying a few when we were shoppin (thanks for still being my friend)

    <3 <3 <3

  2. you are awesome! i can't wait to hang out... maybe this week?? loving the jacket... especially cuz it's your moms, too cute! and it must go with everything? xoxo

  3. 1. Oh my god YAY you're finally in LA! I'm, like, weirdly jealous but also excited.
    2. Your outfit. Is just. Gaaaah. I love your jacket with a passion.
    3. I'M THINKING THE SAME THING about street harassment. I tried to talk to my friends about it and all they said is "it's your choice to let it get to you. You can choose not to care." And then I went all crazy on them and it wasn't pretty.

  4. You are so right, harrasment is never right! People need to do more to teach boys this, not just to tell girls to ignore it. Harasment shows bad attitudes towards women which can lead to worse things like assault. Of course not all guys do it but they need to be educated more, like seminars in school and at work. If it makes you feel unsafe, then it's not ok.

  5. On a happier note, i am glad you are in LA! Do you read the Weetzie Bat books and if so is it anything like them, because I always imagine it like that and it makes me really want to go!

  6. yay you made it!
    absolutely love your jacket. even more special that it was your mama's! your shirt is pretty epic. i want it allll.
    love the cacti in your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! You're there!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you! Fuck I miss LA so much. So much that I just swore which I never do. I'm going in July for a wedding and when we booked the tickets I insisted that we arrive BEFORE sunday so I could go to the Melrose Trading Post! Since I get to go so rarely, I get really intensely serious about it and need to spend the ENTIRE day there. Haha. Anyway, so happy for you, I hope you're having an amazing time so far, and making lots of friends (or turning internet friends in real life friends!)

    RE: the above comment about Weetzie Bat. Yes, LA is actually like that, even better actually (in my experience....and I'm the most diehard FLB fan EVER.)

    Oh, and about the harassment thing: 1)FUCKING HELL, such BULLSHIT 2) keeping track is a good idea...I think I might do it depressing as it is, I think it might make an interesting point about just how insanely frequent it is!


  8. yess SO good to hang out with you! And to see your awesome house and roommates. And those sweet cacti. I seriously want to chill on your roof again, its such a good spot, even though we couldn't perfect our venus spotting skillz there.

  9. Soo cool Isabel , i love the pieces vintage you use :)
    You seems like a nice person !

  10. Yes! I'm so glad you went to Melrose with Larissa! Sorry I sucked today. Tomorrow!!!

  11. I love your style. Plus the jacket and the top are really great.

  12. Dude sexual harassment is super lame! But your jacket is the BOMB! Yay for being in LA!

  13. you're here at last! we need to hang out like SOON. i'm super jealous that i haven't seen you yet and erryone else has :( but i DO come up there quite often - in fact I think i will be up there on the 15th.

    anyway yeah. cat calling is a HIGHLY uncomfortable experience for it's victims but im extremely curious about your little experiment. definitely got an anthropologist in you!


  14. Welcome to Cali! Are u going to the Rose bowl flea market this sunday? It's gonna be bananas. I'll be there! It's super close to your hood?

  15. I just found your blog and it is seriously the coolest thing in the world!! I love your style and you are just awesome!! This is seriously one of my new favorite blogs!!

    Following now too!

    xx Eva

  16. This outfit is fab! Love it! <3