This weekend has been mind blowingly wonderful. I have such amazing friends in LA. On Friday I spent the day with Larissa (she wrote an amazing description of what we did here). We went to a crazy art show filled with blood, intense films, and gory portrayls of sex. It was produced by James Franco, and my mind was kind of numb afterwards. It isn't my most favorite kind of art at all, but I enjoy being challenged by art and I am glad to have gone with Larissa. :) Larissa and I then walked around Hollywood (yes we saw the stars on the streets and all the ppl dressed in costumes, lol) and we joked around there for a while. 

Yesterday I went to the Moon Block Party in Pomona, CA with Rachel. Woah. What a good day. I can't even begin to describe all that occurred, but it was perfect. There were three different stages with musical performers throughout the day, booths with art, jewelry, and vintage, a mystical dome filled with patterned fabric hanging and carpets and pillows. I met tons of really wonderful people. 

Today I spent the afternoon with Larissa, we went thrifting and we walked around LA. Basically I had an amazing weekend. If you want to see more pictures of everything that occurred during my weekend you should check out my twitter and/or instagram because those have TONS of pics from throughout all the adventurous days.

These pictures were taken at the art show (it was named "Rebel")

shoes - ebay
shirt - my brother's
pants - DIY
jewelry - from my mom

Alrighty, have a good week!



  1. oh wowza can you stop being so cool? NO DON'T I LOVE IT TOO MUCH KAY? Okay. Well. Your weekend sounds like the most rad thing possible, much better than my one lazing around and melting. I really want to see that mystical dome now. It sounds...really...mystical. AND DUH you look super fantabulous (luv the jeans) and your shoes kill me every time and I THINK THAT COVERS IT <3

  2. DIY jeans!!..They look great! & I love your jewelry..moms have the best stuff.

    Looks like you're having a great time in L.A =]

  3. those boots are everything good in the world

  4. Obviously I'm building us a dome. Its gonna be MAGIC.

  5. MIND BLOWN!!! I love your jeans!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! <3 <3 <3